Salem Dairy Bar

Salem Dairy Bar Old fashioned hamburger and ice cream stand. Menu has lots of good food choices. Shaved ice all year long.

We are a small, family style hamburger and ice cream carry out diner. Been in business here on Congo Road for many, many years but don't blink or you will miss us. Now have shaved ice all year.

Someone decided to leave us their chair on our porch.  If anyone needs a chair, help yourself.  Free.

Someone decided to leave us their chair on our porch. If anyone needs a chair, help yourself. Free.


Today was something else! We were so busy and ran out of fries, taster tots, Cajun fries, vanilla ice cream and Coke. We had to close early. I apologize for the long wait time and to all of you that tried calling when we couldn’t get to the phone.

We plan to reopen when this virus problem is better contained and it is safer for both you and the employees.

Thank you for your support of our business. We have the best customers ever.


I want to take a minute to thank my employees. They have been working extra hard. It has been hard to keep up the pace.

I also want to thank You, our customers. We have been extremely busy and you have been excellent, showing patience and kindness.

We will continue the 11-5 hours through Saturday. We will then close temporarily until it is safer for both our employees and you, our customers, in regards to this virus. Thanks for your understanding.


We are changing our hours to close at 5 instead of 8. Closed Sunday and Monday as before.

Fresh Waffle Cones made in house each day! Just made today!! Come get yours!!

Fresh Waffle Cones made in house each day! Just made today!! Come get yours!!


Our holiday hours for New Year are: closed Sunday 12-29 thru Wednesday 1-1. Reopen Thursday 1-2. After that there are no more holidays for awhile.


Holiday Schedule
We are closed on Sundays and Mondays. Since Christmas Eve is Tues and Christmas Day is Wed. We will also be closed those days. This makes for a long holiday time off and New Years is just around the corner. I hope everyone has a great, safe and loving Christmas time. See you next Thursday.


Just a reminder. Tomorrow (Sunday) we will start closing Sunday and Monday. Will be open Tues - Sat. 11-8. Grill closes at 7:45. Ice cream at 8:00.


Our hours are changing. We are now closing on Sunday and Monday. We will be open Tues thru Sat. Upcoming holidays will be the exception.


I wish I could thank each person that sent thoughts and prayers and cards to me regarding Larry’s death. I had a stroke last week so I hope everyone understands me doing a blanket thank you. It is so nice to know how great your friends and customers are.


We will be closed Nov25 thru Dec 2. Reopen Tues Dec 3. I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving holiday.


If you are interested in our part time job opening, please come by and pick up an application. Do not apply thru Facebook.


We have another part time opening. About 20 hours, some day and some evening work including weekends. Experience not necessary but a good attitude is.


We are open today. Unfortunately our phones decided to not work. AT&T got them back up around 4 so call us and let us do your supper cooking.


I want to take a moment and thank everyone for the kind words, thoughts and prayers regarding the death of my husband. We have run the diner together for over 25 years and been married for 49 years. It will be hard without him.


Let us cook for you. Also remember we have fried pies made in house. Apple, Chocolate and Peach.


We have filled all our positions again. Hopefully no more openings again any time soon but will let you know if we do.
Thanks for the great response.


We will be closed Sunday, September 1st, for the Labor Day Holiday. Have a safe and fun weekend.


We have filed our positions. I want to thank all those who applied. Wish I could offer everyone a job.


We will be closed this Thursday to celebrate the 4th. Hope you all have a fun and safe holiday.


Due to the storm last night, we will open today at 4 instead of 11. Have lots to do to be able to reopen. Sorry. Hope to see you for supper.


We just had a guy come to the diner. We are closed today. He pounded on the windows so hard a person crossing the street called me. My husband was over there doing a chore and the guy flipped him off. We guess because we were closed? He was told to leave the property or the police would be called.

Why are some people so rude? He was driving a white suv but our cameras didn’t get a good picture.

I am just venting my frustration over rude people.


We will be closed this Sunday for Fathers Day. Felt it was only fair as we closed for Mothers Day.


We will be closed Sunday for Memorial Day weekend.


We will be closed Mother's Day.


Today would be a great day to get out and have one of our wonderful shaved ice/snow cones.


Reminder: We will be closed tomorrow for Easter Sunday. Enjoy your day.


We have one job opening available. Prefer someone who can work during the day through the week and weekends. Closed on Monday. Prior experience not necessary. If interested, pick up an application at the diner or call me, Lucy 501-840-3449. Please do not apply through Facebook. I would like to fill this position as soon as possible.


We have an opening. Need mostly day shift and weekends. Please do not apply thru the Facebook application. Call me at 501-840-3449 for an interview and to complete an application or pick up an application at the diner.

Will be around 20 hours a week, minimum wage.

Lucy Begley


Hungry? Let us cook for you tonight. Our family dinner pack is perfect. 12 chicken strips, 1# of fries and 1# of okra. Add a side of slaw or a salad and you have a perfect family meal. Call us to order at 794-3929.


I want to take a moment to thank all our great customers for your business. We have been so fortunate to have some of the best employees and customers any business could have. Thank you for making 2018 a successful year.


We have filled all job positions for now. Will probably add more positions when Spring and Summer time comes. Thank you for all the interest in the positions. There were so many good people and only 2 positions. Sorry.


I have added our new menu under the menu tab. Sorry we had to increase prices a little. Last increase was nearly 2 years ago. Only big change is we now have Bologna &cheese sandwiches.

New menu.  Sorry we had to do a slight increase.

New menu. Sorry we had to do a slight increase.

Salem Dairy Bar

Salem Dairy Bar

We have a job opening. I will be doing interviews next Thursday, Friday and Saturday. If interested, pick up an application at the diner and we will set up an interview time. If we have a prior application and you still are hunting for a job, call and we can set up an interview time.

The job is front counter person. Part time probably about 12-20 hours per week. Some day, evening and weekend shifts. More hours will be available during Spring and Summer. Minimum wage.


6406 Congo Rd
Benton, AR

General information

Menu will be on-line when I figure it out. We are closed on Monday. The grill closes at 7:45 and ice cream closes at 8:00. Our goal is to always keep our food quality excellent and to provide the best service that we can. We cook all food to order. Most orders do take about 15 minutes so call ahead if you want at 794-3929.

Opening Hours

Tuesday 11:00 - 17:00
Wednesday 11:00 - 17:00
Thursday 11:00 - 17:00
Friday 11:00 - 17:00
Saturday 11:00 - 17:00


(501) 794-3929


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Our Story

We are a small, family style hamburger and ice cream carry out diner. Been in business here on Congo Road for many, many years but don't blink or you will miss us.

We have shaved ice all year long. Recently started making our own waffle cones and waffle cups. Also make our own fried pies.

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Do you have a date yet to open back up?
Are y’all open? Read about yall in an article about being some of the best ice cream, would love to give it a try!
Are you all still open?
10.50 for a 6pc basket. I got no onion ring, no toast, no gravy, 4 strips and a baby hand of fries? :/
Some of you may have already heard. My husband, Larry, passed away this morning, (Actual owner of the Salem Dairy Bar). Due to this we will be closed today and tomorrow. 10-19 and 10-20. We hope to be able to open Tuesday 10-22. We have a lot of great customers and I know you will understand. Lucy Begley
Please tell me you haven’t changed your ice cream recipe! It’s creamy and very white but not what I’ve come to live. I’ve heard from others as well that it seems to have changed. Say it ain’t so!!!
We have a job opening at Salem Dairy Bar. Part time. Would be some day and some night shift. If interested, message or call the diner and ask for Lucy. If I am not in, lease a message. Applications are at the diner. Please do not use the Facebook application.
We have an opening at Salem Dairy Bar. Part time. Would be some day and some night shifts. For more info just call me at the diner. If I am not in, leave a message and I will call you back. Applications are at the diner. Please do not do the Facebook application. I do the message feature. Lucy
I am looking at POS systems . Does anyone have any recommendations for a good system for a small business like ours? Any help is appreciated.
We will be closed this Sunday for Easter. Hope you all have a safe holiday. Will open again at 11:00 AM on Tuesday.
Is this the same place that was the Frosty Cream in the movie Sling Blade?
We will be closed Easter Sunday.