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Master Lorenzo Gibson's Martial Arts Grandmaster Gibson has studied Martial Arts for over 40 years. His foundation is traditional Tae Kwon Do, a Korean art of self defense. He holds the rank of 7th Degree Black Belt

Grandmaster Gibson has studied Martial Arts for over 35 years. He holds the rank 7th degree black belt, thus earning the title of Grandmaster.

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Dear Students and Parents,

I hope this finds you safe and healthy. These are difficult times for everyone. We are all being presented by unique challenges that require us to make tough decisions, to choose carefully our priorities, as we seek to protect our families and prepare for an uncertain future.

I am writing today for two important reasons. First, to inform you that, given the social distancing and canceling of group events required for us to slow the spread of COVID-19, my martial arts training school cannot continue to operate in the same way, with in-person group classes, if we are to follow CDC guidelines and avoid the worst outcomes.

The second reason I am writing to you is that teaching martial arts is my only livelihood. Your tuition is what I depend on for my living. If everyone cancels their memberships, then not only will I be out of business immediately, but very possibly for good. I will have to close the school. The hardship to me personally will be instant, as my income will evaporate, and I dare not imagine the consequences.

I am committed to continuing to train all my students. I am working with a few students to bring my classes online to everyone in the next week. They would be interactive lessons that would aim to recreate the feel, meaning, and community of our group classes. I can also meet for one-on-one lessons or all members of one family, working six feet apart and with proper distance, at the center.

I understand that my pricing model has to change for this new type of service. I am flexible. I hope that we can find a sliding-scale model that would allow you to stay with me and for me to continue to earn a living through this unprecedented period.

Almost every other martial arts school has a yearly contract as its business model to protect itself in these situations. I have always believed in charging month-to-month because it allows parents to have flexibility. I never wanted students to stay with me because they were locked in.

Martial Arts is my livelihood, but I never wanted to turn my relationships into a transactional business. I believe that a martial arts school is a community. We are all in it together to learn important lessons of self-realization, from self-defense to respecting each other, of training our bodies and spirits.

As a teacher and owner of a school, I pride myself on caring for the well-being of my students. Today, I humbly ask that you work with me to secure my well-being and the future of our school, by finding a way to keep the Lorenzo Gibson Martial Arts going through this crisis.

I believe the online model will be able to transmit many of the important lessons we need during this complicated time: from the need to exercise, practicing mindfulness for calmness, managing stress and taking out aggression in a healthy way. I hope it will help provide kids an important activity and the consistency they need, as they build on their training.

We can work on forms, patterns and look at different aspects of martial arts in more depth - the philosophy and meaning of what we do, terms, and lessons that apply to our current situation.

I hope you will stay and continue learning with me, that I can count on you so that we can meet again in person soon.


Master Lorenzo Gibson

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Hello everyone, here is the latest edition of the newsletter!
I don't always fold my clothes at home, but after I finish class, it's almost instinct. Martial Arts is a source of order in my chaotic life, and I'm grateful to have it.