Art's Que Catering + Mobile BBQ

Art's Que Catering + Mobile BBQ Art's Que serves competition-quality smoked meats with excellent customer service from our Mobile BBQ around town or delivered to your next event.

Art's BBQ was founded on the principal that if you provide a high quality product at a competitive price and have great customer service the rest will take care of itself. Above all is your integrity and commitment to community and so we focus on providing meals that all can enjoy with the ones that matter most to them. -Art's Que

Payment Options:   Amex Cash Discover Mastercard Visa

Price Range: $$$

Attire: Casual

Operating as usual

Main View Inn
Main View Inn

Main View Inn

Stop in and grab an Art's Que Pulled Pork Wrap and then check out all the activities at the Manchester Alive Harvest Festival.

Main View Inn

Main View Inn

We are fast approaching our 1 Year anniversary as the new owners of the Main View Inn. It's hard to believe that it has been a year already, and it's hard to believe all that we have had to deal with in that year. In our combined 40 years in Restaurant Management never have we been involved in a forced closure or a Pandemic and the challenges that presented. Without our customers dedication and support, as well as their kind words of support we surely would not have made it through. With that in mind we would like to celebrate our customers and our community with a week of promotions and special menu items. Like and Follow our Social Media for specifics.

Main View Inn

That's some good eating!!

Tonight we’re are going to be doing a special on our Art's Que Catering + Mobile BBQ Mac Wrap.

7.99 for the wrap only. Come in and grab one and walk around downtown to see what else is going on and check out the mural.

We will also have some outdoor seating available but you will need to come inside to place your order.

Main View Inn

Main View Inn

I’m thinking a nice pulled bbq chicken wrap sounds good today! What are you ordering for carry out or curbside?


Main View Inn

The Main View Inn is the exclusive provider of Art's Que's famous BBQ offerings. They are also selling it by the pound!!

Planning on doing some breakfast boxes starting next week. Stay tuned to Facebook for details.

Breakfast box will consist of Biscuit, Scrambled Eggs, Bacon, and a cup of coffee, or a soda.

Look for changes to this line up.

And if you haven't tried or BBQ lineup make sure to stop in and don't forget we sell it by the pound as well.

Main View Inn

Main View Inn

10 Oz. USDA Prime Steak with Baked Potato and a side salad for 23.99 tonight.

These are cut in house by our very own Chef Micah.

City of Wabash Indiana

City of Wabash Indiana

**Urgent** Please avoid the intersection of Falls and Maple as there is a gas leak.

Wade Weaver
Charlie Adams

Main View Inn

Brisket you say? Sounds delicious.

We now are serving a new Brisket and Ground Beef blend hamburger. Because of the COVID crisis our supplier was unable to meet our demand for the fresh burger blend we had been getting so we are offering a new Brisket Blend. We do have to charge 2 dollars more but it's an excellent burger and we hope you will try it. Once we can get our original blend back we will have both if people want.

Thank you again and we are really excited about this new burger.

Let us know what you think about it if you get one.

Keep the Main View Inn Alive organized by JAMES HAIST
Keep the Main View Inn Alive organized by JAMES HAIST

Keep the Main View Inn Alive organized by JAMES HAIST

I think most of you can imagine how difficult it is right now for the Restaurant Business. W… JAMES HAIST needs your support for Keep the Main View Inn Alive

Main View Inn

Main View Inn

I will be speaking to Charlie Adams tomorrow on 95.9 KISS radio about the current struggles facing small businesses in general and our situation as well.

This is a challenging time for all small businesses and I hope I can adequately put into words what all of us are feeling.

If you have time you should try to listen.

Jim Haist

Grow Wabash County
Town of North Manchester
Manchester Alive: Main Street Chamber Alliance

North Manchester News-Journal

North Manchester News-Journal

Bechtold's travels to Asia, Europe halted in Spain

Kellyn Bechtold grew up in North Manchester, lived on a ghost island, and now is on full lock down in Spain.
Bechtold had been living in Denver, Colo. until December 2019 before putting her belongings in storage and started a journey overseas that started in Thailand in January and has landed her in Spain.
“I spent three weeks at a yoga retreat on Koh Pha Ngan where I focused on yoga and meditation,” Bechtold said. “Immediately after, I went to Bali, Indonesia to meet friends and explore there.”
Bechtold said it was in mid-February where it looked like the coronavirus was ramping up only in China and a few other Asian countries. On Feb. 23 she flew to Madrid, Spain to wait out the virus, explore Spain, practice Spanish and work on her business, The Self Coach, virtually.
“I was trying to decide which city to settle down in in Spain so I spent a couple of weeks in Madrid and loved it,” she said. “I left Madrid on March 5 and came to Malaga with plans to spend a week there, then go to Marbella, Granada and Seville before choosing which city I wanted to stay in. In my first few days in Malaga I decided I really loved Madrid and found an apartment online to rent starting March 18.
Then came the morning of Thursday, March 12, and the coronavirus had started to spread rapidly in Madrid, making it no longer an ideal place to live with the high population and likeliness of being a new epicenter for the virus.
“In the meantime, I met a new friend who had just moved to Malaga from Italy and had a new apartment in Malaga,” Bechtold said. “At this time COVID-19 had arrived in the U.S. as well, and I realized, no matter where in the world I
would go, I would likely be in quarantine. My new friend’s apartment was immediately available (two bedroom/two bath) and I knew I could stay safely quarantined and have every thing I need.
“[I had] access to food, a long-term place to say in shelter, and more importantly, would’t have to travel by train, then plane and possibly get stuck in long Visa lines or be exposed trying to return back to the U.S.”
As of Wednesday, April 1, Bechtold is on day 22 in full lock down in Spain.
“We are not allowed to leave our houses except to go to the nearest grocery store, the pharmacy or the doctor,” she said. “You risk getting a ticket if you are too far away from home or if you are out of the house with more than one member per family. Essential workers are allowed to go to work here, groceries, delivery and take out restaurants, although most are closed, medical workers, and of course Amazon delivery employees.”
Bechtold said she is making the best of the situation and enjoying some aspects while still being able to work.
“My personal experience has been unique in quarantine,” she said. “I moved in with a new friend who I met on Bumble. He is from Italy where is family still is. We both came to Spain to explore and learn Spanish – we aren’t much help for each other in this endeavor. We are taking care of each other as much as possible and getting to know one another more.
“I’d say life in Spain is the same as people who are taking the proper precautions in the U.S.,” Bechtold added. “We stay home, keep ourselves busy, work virtually on our businesses, and also try to have some fun now and then.”
Bechtold also noted that she is experiencing what the U.S. is preparing for with COVID-19.
“The virus timeline here in Spain has been a predictor for what my family and friends in the U.S. are about to go through,” she said. “Italy is a few days ahead of what happens in Spain, and Spain is a few days ahead of what is happening in the U.S. We were on quarantine, then a few days later, my friends in Denver were put on quarantine measures.
“Unfortunately, doctors in Italy and here in Spain are having to make grave decisions like who to give ventilators to, or not. There is not enough protective gear for health workers here. Hospitals are being overloaded,” Bechtold continued. “Unfortunately, the exact same thing will be happening in the U.S. soon, and it seems like people have not been taking it seriously. This is not a disease that happens ‘over there.’”
Bechtold said that while her trip is not the “world traveling digital nomad” experience she left for in January, “Who is getting to live the life they expected as we rang in the new year on Jan. 1, 2020?
“I spend most of my tim FaceTiming with friends and family and am so thankful for the internet every single day,” she said. “I am also studying Spanish from home, continuing my yoga and meditation practice, playing online poker, and of course, watching a lot of Netflix.”
Bechtold said she doesn’t know when she will return to the U.S.
“The medical system will likely be overloaded just like Italy and Spain,” she said. “I will do what I can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 - which is to go on non-essential travel, make do with the plentiful resources I do have, and stay home.”

City of Wabash Indiana

City of Wabash Indiana

Dear Wabash community, "We are #INthistogether! We may be social distancing, but we can stay connected and well. Take a walk outside. Call your family. Let me know how you're in #INthistogether and invite others to join the campaign to flatten the COVID-19 curve. "

#Wabash Visit Wabash County Grow Wabash County Wabash Marketplace, Inc.


Hey everyone. I seem to have inadvertently deleted my cellular plan for the 260-445-6812 number that had been traditionally Art's Que. Be that as it may I thought this was a good time to fully switch over to my new number. I have updated the page and my new number is 260-901-0164. Thank you and apologies in advance for any of you that are confused.

Keep the Main View Inn Alive organized by JAMES HAIST
Keep the Main View Inn Alive organized by JAMES HAIST

Keep the Main View Inn Alive organized by JAMES HAIST

I think most of you can imagine how difficult it is right now for the Restaurant Business. W… JAMES HAIST needs your support for Keep the Main View Inn Alive

Main View Inn

Main View Inn

From now until the end of the forced closures we will be offering an extra 10% on Gift Certificates purchased of $50 or more.

So if you buy $50 dollars in gift certificates we will give you a $5 certificate for free.

Thanks for your support and look forward to when we can open our doors once again.

Jim Haist

Manchester Alive: Main Street Chamber Alliance
Grow Wabash County
North Manchester, Indiana

Main View Inn

I can personally confirm this goes for all our Wabash friends as well. Stay safe and if you need anything let us know.

And I also hear Harry's Old Kettle Pub & Grill does carry out!

Thinking of you all and we are all Wabash County together. It's why I built my businesses here and plan to live out my life here. In the county where people truly care about each other and take care of each other.

Thank you all for being you.

To all are Valued Customers:

Today, Governor Holcomb, announced that all restaurants, bars, and nightclubs will be forced to close their doors and restrict their activities to carry-out and delivery only through the end of March at a minimum.

While we are saddened that we won't be getting to spend time chatting with you all in our dinning rooms anymore, we wanted to take this time to let you know we do plan to continue to be open for Carry-out and we are adding delivery. Delivery will begin tomorrow, Tuesday the 17th.

Delivery will be limited to 2 miles from the Main View Inn at first but hopefully can expand if all goes well.

Additionally we will be providing an entirely free lunch for children Monday-Saturday. No purchase will be necessary. We have not fully developed the lunches yet but they will not be the normal kids menu stuff. The plan is to provide those who need it with a meal that they can take home and refrigerate and provide to their children if they cannot get the food needed from grocery stores or other places.

Please bear with us during this time as it's all quite confusing and new to us.

And more importantly then anything else take care of yourselves and check on your loved ones.

If there is anyone who is truly in need of food message me directly (James Haist) and we will make sure you are taken care of.

Thank you all for your understanding during this time and can't wait till we can fill our dining rooms again with all of you.

Wishing you all the best,
Jim Haist and All the Main View Team

Main View Inn

Main View Inn

We open at 11, see everyone soon!!


I'm sure some of you have heard the news and for those of you that haven't the food truck season may be over but you can still get Art's Famous BBQ at the Main View Inn. Come see us!!

Main View Inn

Main View Inn

Main View will be open normal hours on New Years Eve and will open at 4 pm on New Years Day

Wabash County Christmas Spirit

Wabash County Christmas Spirit

This is the approx number of tags we need to shop for today. Please meet at the pharmacy/customer service entrance doors of Walmart at 1pm.

We also need people to show up at our volunteer center to help box all of the items from our previous shopping trip.

Please come help!!! We have deadlines to meet.

Again we cannot do this without our volunteers. Thank you for all that you do!!

Smoked Brisket you say?

Smoked Brisket you say?

Specials for Tuesday October 8th, 2019
2 Soft Tacos with one Side and Drink $7.48
Smoked Brisket with Cheesy Potatoes and one Side $10.99
Chili or Spicy Sausage Chowder
$.50 off Craft Pints
Now serving Plonqe from Two EE's $5.50
Wine Slushy $5.00
Peach Slushy $5.00

So true!
Grow Wabash County

So true!

Congratulations to this year's winners of Beacon Credit Union's Project Spotlight. The top winners ($1,000) were Wabash County Animal Shelter, Inc. Wabash, Indiana and Daniel's Place in North Manchester.

Additional winners from Wabash County can be found on the Beacon website.

Main View Inn

Great specials today.

Specials for Saturday October 5th, 2019
2 Ham and Cheese Sliders with one Side and Drink $7.48
12 oz Prime Rib with Choice of Potato and Soup or Slaw $16.99
Wine Slushy $5.00
Peach Slushy $5.00
Cheesy Chicken Enchilada or Vegetable

Main View Inn

Main View Inn

Specials for Thursday October 3rd, 2019
1/3 Hamburger with one Side and Drink $7.48
Gouda Cheeseburger with one Side $9.99
Frozen Margarita's $3.00
Flavored $3.50
Wine Slushy $5.00
Peach Slushy $5.00
Chicken Dumpling or Minestrone

North Manchester News-Journal

A local business is changing hands? Hmmmm.

The Sept. 25 issue of the News-Journal is on newsstands now. A local business is changing ownership; coverage of MHS Homecoming, Manchester University news... Available at CVS, Casey's General Store, Manchester Trading Post, Dollar General, Webb's Pharmacy and Phillip's 66.
Call (260) 982-6383 or email [email protected] to subscribe or for online only for just $24 a year go to

Congrats to Wabash Middle School   Great job at Indiana Wesleyan University cross country meet today.

Congrats to Wabash Middle School Great job at Indiana Wesleyan University cross country meet today.

Congrats to Wabash Middle School   Great job at Indiana Wesleyan University cross country meet today.

Congrats to Wabash Middle School Great job at Indiana Wesleyan University cross country meet today.

Come on out. Should be a great program.

Come on out. Should be a great program.

Join us Tuesday September 10th for our first luncheon and program for the 2019-2020 year! We will be welcoming our new chef and our program is Wade Weaver! He will enlighten us on his journey of supporting local classrooms in our area schools to raise funds for much needed classroom supplies! You don’t want to miss this!
Luncheon starting at noon is:
$11.00 ( non members)
$9.00 (members)
Program ( free) sharply at 1:00!
Mary 260-563-6613
Carol 260-563-2331

Founders' Day Festival

Can’t wait. This year went fast but not fast enough!

LQQK who is setting up at the Founder's Day Festival! Super excited 👏👏👏

Tag yourself if you are mentioned to help us share the word! 🎉

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Butterfly House
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Weaver's Country Creations
Whites Residential and Family Services
Womanly Welded Art
Young Living Essential Oils
Zilis UltraCell

#Wabash Visit Wabash County Grow Wabash County
First Farmers Bank & Trust MutualBank Brandt's Harley-Davidson Wabash Carnegie Public Library Wabash County Solid Waste Management District Tri-Kappa Cindy Rich Wabash County Historical Museum, Inc City of Wabash Indiana


125 E. Main St.
North Manchester, IN




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Our Story

Art was my grandfather. A farmer. A Hoosier. He was matter-of-fact and expected those around him to be as industrious as he was. But he was also generous and welcoming. He was known to ask everyone around the dinner table, “What can I get you?”, often after second and even third helpings had been consumed.

Art and his wife, Maxine, moved to Wabash nearly 70 years ago. They raised their family here and built their lives around the community. We are excited to carry on the legacy of Art, Maxine, and their children as we serve Wabash and surrounding communities.

My passion for barbecue began a few years ago when I had the opportunity to join a competition team. The more I cooked as we traveled to events around the Midwest, the more I was fascinated by the process and wanted to learn about the techniques to create award-winning meats. I can’t wait to share my enthusiasm (some might say obsession) about barbecue with you.

From top-quality smoked meats to excellent customer service, we strive to embody Art throughout our business. We look forward to serving you and your family from our Mobile BBQ and working with you to create a catered food menu for your next event.

What can we get you?

James Haist, Head Pitmaster

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Hey are you guys by chance still open? If so, can you message me? Thanks!
Hope Art's Que's air conditioning is up to the challenge! Smoke on.
The best pulled pork sandwich I have ever had. It was amazing!