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12th Street Cafe We are a southside diner with a down home feel. Our customers are our first priority. Open Sunday 7am-3pm Monday-Saturday 6am-8pm.

These steaks are awesome!!!

These steaks are awesome!!!


Our evening cook, George, walking to work today and struck and killed by a truck. We are heart broken. He was a great guy and very easy to work with. Please lift his family and his girlfriend in your prayers.


So. Miss Melinda made peanut butter pie. Chocolate pie and a coconut pie. She also made chicken salad.

Do you feel she is trying to butter us up? Well, she is. Tomorrow will be her last day with us. She is moving out of the restaurant field. She loves us and it is going to be hard on her. She just wants to spend time with her kids. So pop in today or tomorrow, give her a hug, smile or just well wishes.

We thank you Melinda for the years of hard work. Good luck!!


Thank you Delaware County Health Board! You are always thorough and we appreciate the efforts to keep serving sanitary and safe. We also thank you for noticing the work no one sees. All the deep cleaning that is done daily and hours of cooking and cooling things properly. Another good job for the staff at 12th Street Cafe!!!!


Biscuits and gravy all evening Til we run out!!


Hey! All you can eat fish tonight!!! Beef and noodles as well.

Side note, we have some Pokemon popping up here and there. So far flying type.


Coffee is πŸ’²0.99.


We hope everyone is rested and hungry after the Fourth celebration! Come on down for some great fish!!! 2 piece 6.99 and all you can eat 9.99!!

All dinners Coke with two sides and a dinner roll!


We are deeply sad this week. We've lost Mr. Danny Thronburg. His spunk, fireball attitude and personality is already missed a great deal. Our staff is very close to a relative of Danny's. We pray for his family. Mainly second shift got the pleasure of going rounds with Danny. We shared so many laughs. And you didn't tell him to "have a good evening". Lol!!! He would tell you "don't tell me what @-&/&/@ damn day to have".

Elmer Thornboro who loved to cut up and smiled when he spoke has been missed as he had been home battling cancer. Many of our staff are long time friends of this family. Please keep them in your prayers.

Micheal Hughes. Very nice guy. Sat at our counter. His absence has not gone unnoticed. Praying for his loved ones.

And finally. Our dear Dr. Howard Searight. We will continue to miss him. Often in here twice a day. Always gracious. Always proper. Couldn't hear worth a darn, but he entertained any and all conversation. He knew what he wanted, where he wanted to sit and he loved his strawberry milkshake. This one also show our family. ❀️


We suffered some loss this week.

Danny Thornburg. Spunky, feisty, and funny. We loved him so very much. And he loved most of us. πŸ˜‰. This one was hard to take. He hadn't been feeling well, and had been absent. Such a familiar face for our evening crew. He is very missed. Some of our staff are close to his family. This one stung pretty hard.

Elmer Thornboro. Such a kind man. Always smiling. Our assistant manager grew up with his grandchildren. This is one felt deep in our family. He never met a stranger. Sometimes a little goofy, but a huge huge heart of gold. We want to hug all of you and make this pain go away.

Michael Hughes. He was kind. Sat at the counter and was a pleasure to be around. We were sorry to hear of his passing.

Dr. Howard Searight. An every day staple. Sometimes two times a day. Right up to the very end. The conversations I've personally had with him were unforgettable. He always entertained me. I know he did others as well. He loved his strawberry milkshakes. We knew it was coming but it is never easy. He was so strong, independent, and intelligent. We are still in shock.

If deaths happen in 3's, we are over quota. So everyone stay safe!!! We love you all.


We are running our biscuits and gravy today until we run out. This is a once in a while chance. Coke and get it.


PSA::: we will be closed from 2:30pm-4pm tomorrow June 1st. AEP is updating our electrical lines and we have to be shut down.


Our loved one has left us. Everett Colsten. He was 83. He was related and loved by several members of our staff. We also lost customer and friend Joshua Campbell way too soon. Please keep these families in your prayers.


Absolutely heart broken. Got the call lastnight that our dear friend Willie Caldwell had passed. This is devestating not just to us, but to our community. If you were struggling with an addiction, he would personally pull you out and see you get healthy. We have lost a saving grace. Please pray for everyone he has touched. For there is a long list of people grieving over this man.




Today is a very special day. It is our miss Kathy's birthday!!! So stop in and wish her a happy birthday. She will be there until 4.


Valentine's special running Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday open until 8pm
Saturday open until 8pm
Sunday open 7am-3pm


Two 12oz T-bone steak dinners complete with two sides a piece, a roll for each and a drink a piece for only



We want to offer our prayers and condolences to our work family. Mrs. Judy A. Hensley passed away Friday morning surrounded by her family. Miss Kathy (manager) is Judy's daughter-in-law. Peggy (kitchen, sometimes wait staff) is a daughter. Melinda (asst manager) and Hannah (server, kitchen) are grand daughters.

Services are at Parsons tomorrow at one. Calling 11-1. Please keep them in your thoughts. This is very hard for them all.


Potato soup today. Get it while it lasts.

Taco salad  shell made fresh to order. Meat is always fresh. Comes with salsa and sour cream.

Taco salad shell made fresh to order. Meat is always fresh. Comes with salsa and sour cream.

12th Street Cafe

Let me reiterate!!!!!

We would like to welcome Daniel Mojica back to working evenings. So far he's in our kitchen, but you all know he can do whatever we need him to. Stop in and say hi!!! Open until 8pm tonight!!


We would like to welcome Daniel Mojica back to working evenings. So far he's in our kitchen, but you all know he can do whatever we need him to. Stop in and say hi!!! Open until 8pm tonight!!


Open Til 8pm today and tomorrow.


The staff at the 12th Street Cafe would like to thank you all for a great 2015, and wish you a safe night as you ring in 2016. We've had to say good bye to several people we love, and we miss them dearly, however, we shall feel their spirits with us in the years to come. Here's to you and yours! πŸΊπŸ»πŸ·πŸΈπŸΉπŸΎπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ


All you can eat fish tonight. Open Til 8pm!!!


Due to an error in orders or deliveries, we won't be able to offer our chicken today and tomorrow. Monday is still in the air. We are working on it.


Fresh chocolate pie.

Fresh peanut butter pie.


Special:::: biscuits and gravy will run until we sale out today. Limited time offer.


From now on, so there is no more confusion; we will keep our doors open until 8pm. So once you are finished shopping and the sun starts to set on the day, know we have a warm, fresh meal with the friendliest staff waiting on you.


The smell of spaghetti and/or lasagna fill the air. Ribs cooking in the oven due to be out at 4pm. So many things to feast on. Meatloaf is limited. Just made this morning. It has been a huge hit. Come join us. We also have gift certificates available for gifts.


I made fresh chicken and dumplings. Came off the stove top about an hour or so ago. Come get them.


I am so sorry to the group of karate kids lastnight. That was my fault. I dropped the ball. There was a miscommunication between my staff and I. I will somehow make it up to you.

When we are slow, and we feel the business day is done, we close. Sometimes we get busy at 4,5,6 and rarely a rush comes at 7. It's always good to call and reserve a table. I will make it a goal to better inform you as well as keep the doors open for when you arrive.


Biscuits just came out of the oven. Gravy just came off the stove top.


Please don't forget. We are opening from 10-2 today. Our family volunteered to come in and serve breakfast, lunch and thanksgiving dinner. For those that don't celebrate, cook or just have no one. We are here for you. Much love and happy Thanksgiving!


If you are the lady that called over the weekend about missing glasses, could you please call us during normal hours? 765-286-1901


Ribs, chicken, salmon patties and the turkey dinner. Open Til at least 6pm. If we pack out I'll keep the doors open longer!

Also cheeseburger special with fries and a drink $3.99.

Come on in and see us.


Come on in. We have our Turkey dinner special for just $9.99 You get a lot of food! Turkey breast, home made dressing, corn, mashed potatoes, and a slice of pumpkin pie. Of course the sides are changeable. Pie too.

Tonight we have lasagna while supplies last. At $7.99

All you can eat spaghetti with homemade sauce for $7.99

We also have home made meatloaf at $7.49

And ribs. Multiple sizes available starting at $9.95

Open Til 7pm.


The licious all you can eat spaghetti wonderful wonderful fresh lasagna homemade fresh today meatloaf and also our rip that just came out of the oven stop in and see us.


Broccoli salad βœ”οΈ
Banana pudding βœ”οΈ
Cole slaw βœ”οΈ
Pineapple crisp βœ”οΈ

Melinda has been busy. Come get it.


Every employee that has worked with us and actually had to work, and left because they didn't like the fact that we do not cut corners on safety has always had a negative story to tell. My advice. Come in and check us out. Call the health board. We are one of the very few places that pass with flying colors, most of the time a perfect score. If things are not done properly, I assure you the manner is handled. And the staff is reprimanded.


Let's pack the place. Baked steal special, and chicken and dumplings. Yummy yum yum.


Fresh chicken breast. Come get it. $8.99

Fresh ribs coming out of the oven $9.95

Salmon patties made this morning! $7.99

Open until 8pm.


All you can eat spaghetti.

We can fulfill your pasta needs. We also have lasagna. (Oh my is it delish!)

Meatloaf. (Homemade)
And our great ribs.

Melinda is working on broccoli salad.

Come and say hi and grab dinner while you are at it.


All you can eat spaghetti tonight!!

Also have homemade meatloaf.
Lasagna. And melinda made peanut butter pie but it won't be ready for a few hours. Possibly tomorrow.


1900 S Mock Ave
Muncie, IN

We are on the bus Route. The Memorial and Mock Ave stop.

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Tuesday 06:00 - 20:00
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Saturday 06:00 - 20:00
Sunday 07:00 - 15:00


(765) 286-1901


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Please stop spreading lies about our family we just lost George and Stanley Potter Was my last fiancee for 17 years he had stage 4 lung cancer and died at 40 and George understood I could never take my grandkids Grandfather off my FB page. I would like to let u know I have had 4 failed back surgeries and am going into a wheelchair in a month or so so please stop harassing me about stuff u do not know I have 2 Grand children that read these post
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