THE CRAB BROKER Since 1995 The Crab Broker has supplied quality conscious restaurants and upscale retailers with the best Red King Crab from the icy waters of Alaska.
In 1995, Rob George found himself being in the right place at the right time. Traveling to a remote island 800 miles out in the Aleutian Island chain from Anchorage in search of Dungeness Crab he was introduced to King Crab. His drive and passion for marketing fresh crab and seafood quickly made him realize " Why not ship fresh King Crab, nobody is doing it" within two weeks he started shipping fresh cooked King Crab to his handful of customers in the lower 48. Today The Crab Broker is the largest shipper of fresh King Crab in the world, supplying the top chefs with the best King Crab in the world.


Season is now over and now back home. We have inventory of this "new season" Red King Crab. We hope everyone enjoyed our fresh cooked King Crab too. Over 25 plane loads of fresh out of Dutch!! Thank you to Dan and the great folks at Westward that produced the fresh for us, PenAir and Ace Air Cargo who got our crab out of Dutch, Movers who handled our freight forwarding in Anchorage and Periship and FedEx who got the crab to our customers!


WHAT A DAY!!!!! Got our last plane out of DUTCH ! Lots of fog but the captain found a spot, dropped down and landed. The most exciting landing in 21 years! Incredible. Needed this to land! Don't want to disappoint our customers! So stoked!

Krabi fisherman nets mutant horseshoe crab
Krabi fisherman nets mutant horseshoe crab

Krabi fisherman nets mutant horseshoe crab

KRABI: A Krabi fisherman discovered a mutant horseshoe crab with six tails last week. �I was surprised to find the strange horseshoe crab among the fish and shrimp...


Next week we will be shipping fresh cooked Red King Crab for delivery on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Order early!!


Just got confirmation that we will ship fresh cooked red King crab for delivery this Friday, the 23rd. Order deadline is noon PST on Tuesday, the 20th.


Eric & Rob, The crab came and it's fantastic (no surprise). I was plesantley surprised on how large the clusters were, some were close to 4lb's each. WOW!!!! You can guess what I took home last night? I was only able to eat one large leg and 1 large claw. What a treat!!! I am alway's grateful that I met you guys and more so as I am stuffing down crab!!! Like I said I am grateful that you guy's took my call and send me product even when it was such a hassel!!! Your friend Dave
Dave's Fish Market
Toronto, Canada


Rob George and Lois Barrie, thank you for running a great business and making available to your customers THE best crab. I looked long and hard to find a company that shipped fresh crab during the season and frozen crab free of preservatives or salt water glaze. Your crab is unparalleled. I had 160 pounds of it arrive yesterday and that was shared with over 25 people- each one has been thrilled with their crab. All day I heard things like "This is the best crab I've ever had." and "You can't find crab like this anymore." Your efforts are noticed and appreciated.


WOW!! What a Super Tuesday yesterday. Eight chartered planes and 26,000 pounds if fresh cooked Red King Crab! One more plane today!


Watch for our contest! You could win a gift box of fresh cooked King Crab!! Coming tomorrow.


Just got an email from Owen of the F/V Arctic Sea, who is out crabbing for our "Cost Recovery" King Crab.

"Hi Guys, started hauling this morning. Crab look good. less barnacles than I expected with this warm water. The legs feel nice and hard. We can't cook any up to check in-fill but they look similar to last years cost recovery crab. " Nothing but the best for The Crab Broker" Owen


We have added a "GROUP" FACEBOOK page to keep everyone informed on the upcoming season, which starts October 12th. We will post prices, order deadlines, delivery schedules, along with interesting information. Click


ATTENTION: CRAB LOVING HOME FOODIES! We will be shipping "Gift Packs" from the very first delivery of Alaska Red King Crab on October 14th. Next Friday we will list pack sizes and delivered pricing. I'm heading to Dutch October 9th and will be on the dock when the boat hits the dock!!! Getting excited!


Just got a box of Bairdi and the Day-Boat Cod from Dutch here into Vegas. MeatFill on the Bairdi was amazing and Chefs agree that it tastes even better than King Crab. The Cod was unbelievable with how clean it tasted. Maybe the nicest piece of Fish I have eaten. - Danny TCB


Waiting for another delivery today of Red King Crab. Process tonight for delivery Friday.


Boat delivering tomorrow! So fresh being delivered Wednesday. Another boat Wednesday, so more fresh for everyone Friday. Just keep the crab coming. Another very busy week! Love it.


The office got a call this week. Customer bought a 40# box of fresh cooked Red King Crab and sold out in the first 45 minutes of his restaurant opening for dinner. He was just hoping that we had some extra, which we didn't, unfortunately. We're warning you right now, "If you offer fresh, figure sales will at least triple, especially if you are a smart operator and let your waitstaff sample too!" They are your salesforce!!


Heard late yesterday that we might just have a delivery of Red King Crab this Monday. What fantastic news. Didn't expect to see a delivery so soon. What a great way to start the week! Love to turn people on to great Red King Crab. Looking to turn more people on this week! Will know 100% for sure in a few hours. "Cross your fingers"!


Las Vegas, NV


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