Zzas We are Zzas, old school pizza made fresh then baked on stones. Not on a conveyor. We invite u to taste the difference. It's not just pizza it's a Zza.


Tonight is somber evening a there have been a number of then of late for at approximately 7:00pm Bill mother Ida passed away, He left for Rochester shortly after recieving word from her hospice nurse she would not be with us long, and although she suprised everyone being in hospice care since 7may2016. For as muc as she said she wasnt a fighter she out lived what any of her doctor's stated after suffering a stroke 3yrs ago. My heartfelt condolences go out to Bill his sisters Janet and Zina and their families.
Rest in peace
Ida Card 3aug2016


Hello and good morning, first and for most over the last several months both bill and i have pushed ourselves to the limit in keeping our store open trying ever harder to maintian Zzas. We are not other companies who have stock delivered including premaid dough sauce and cheese pre cut with everything pre maid and prepaired we work long hours most days are a minimum of 12 hours some being over 15 and that every day. Now we have been on a kinds probation imposed instead of the renewal 5 yr ext that was supposed to start last aug but as mostof u know we went thru several months of difficulty with our landlord when we resolved it par of the agreement was six month delay and provided there were no issues our 5 yr lease would be granted. And finally on or around the 10 of june i was told the lease was ready. When i meet with our landlord he gave me the lease which i was require to sign one copy which wa already signed and notorized and given another whick i could have reviewed and once reviewed id sign and have notorized and return to mr cook. The lease was and is unacceptable. Basically we are made responsibl for the entire building, including the roof whic is in dire condition, as is most of the building as it was long before Zzas moved in. Now this provision has an additional clause where as if mr cook sees something needing repair he can notify us and we must i a timly manor hire a certified professional and have the work completed to his satisfa ction, in the event we do not take care of the problem within mr cooks allowable time frame he will hire someone and we ge to pay the invoice plus 20%admin fee for mr cook. Essentially we are made responsible for everything a property owner should be but key word we dont own it and when we approached and asked to b sold the building prior to recieving the lease w were told no. Additionally we accepted anoffer to be a vendor for rock the dock with less than 2 weeks to prepare, we did everything possibl but and did ok except there wasnt the turnout we hoped for and werent quite ready friday, sat was better but were were simply overstaffed at most times and we suffered with labor alone nearly taking almost all o the revenue produced, to top tha off our help did little towards clean up putting evenmore strain on myself and bill to clean and ready for th next day. And in the end not only dide bill and i have to finish removing everthing from th site but clean everthing ourselves after being harrassed even threated by prople who i though were friends when the didnt get paid on monday as i hadnt even gotten the time to do the books i shut down mentally and physically, funny the people threatening me were ones who did little more than stand around anytime we were caught up they failed to lift a finger to clean up even wipe down a counter do a dish, sweep a floor let alone mop. So combining everything. So being threatened monday evening i had enough. So iv spent great lengths of time trying to figure out some way where we could continue. I simply drove and pushed myself so hard not wanting to let anyone down, heck everyone knows im a marine an marines dont fail we do everthing we can not to fail. Feelin iv failed just hit me hard. Please forgive me Zza just cant continue and enter a long term lease under the proposed lease. We for some tim hav been working on alternative to our current location one will keep zzas serving the lakemore community an all the friends and family we have come to know. Good news is we are close we only need one thing exhaust hoods with fire suppression, so in an effort to raise the capital needed to purchase and install them we plan to sell off anything and anythin not essential for day to day operations. Today w will get the store in some semblance of order then reopen tommorrow and there after thru our 60 day notice of intent t vacate 1458 lake rd. If anyone doe know anyone who can help with aquisition and installation of hooks please let me know i do have a plan but it hinges on our ability to get hood and fire suppression. Agai im sorry if ive let you down we have and always will do the best we can. Greg


we are hiring drivers


Today is Bill Birthday, in honor of this we will be closing an hour earlier today Tuesday 7 june

Dough nut

Dough nut


Everyone remeber, we will be doing dollar ice cream cones, and 1.50 rootbeer floats tomorrow during the parade!!


Good morning, we are now open and serving BREAKFAST.each and every sunday starting at 9am and until 1pm.
today being our 1st we have a limited menu with some great prices todays menu is
1. 3 eggs, home fries, choice of meat, with white or wheat
2. Omlet order, home fries, toast and choice of meat
3. creamed beef and 2 biscuits
4. french toast, home fries, and choice of meat
5. breakfeast zza
Come see me! Hannah, I'm your server, and I'll take care of you!!


Everyone please send a prayer for bill his mother is in her final stages of hospice. Our deepest condolences goes out to bill n his family


Its a beautiful friday, perect for a pizza
This weekend we have
2 14" 2 item pizzas for $16.99
1 16" 1 item pizza for $9.95
Add some cheesee twist and sauce for just @2.00
Did i hear aomeone say bbq, well then why not try the
J Knox Smoked Pulled Pork pizza
This pie has a sweet bbq sauce base then loaded with Justins awesome pulled pork then add crispy bacon, and jojo slices, it all gets smothered with cheese
You wont be disappointed and we are taking a dollar off the regular price try one before we run out of pulled pork
The 12inch is just $9.00
The 14inch is just $14.00
The 16inch is just $19.00
Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Coffee, Mint Chip, Butter Pecan, Raspberry, Cookies n Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Moose Tracks and Superman
Cones or Cup
Small only $1.00
Regular only $1.50


Today's Special: 2 for Tuesday. Two 12" 1 item pizzas for only $10.00.


Ice cream is in! Have 11 flavors including Superman for the kids. Also getting a Lemon water ice. All ice cream is from Hershey's Ice Cream Company. Standard cone is $1.50, Sugar cone is $1.60, and sundaes are $2.95.


Hey there Friends of Zzas Happy Good Friday. this week has been a bit crazy, we are pround to announce Ice Cream is comiing and we anticipate it arrival between the 6th and 13th of April and at this time we are planning ro stock 11 flavors of ice cream and lemon ice. We are also the process of making some upgrades and have purchased a number of items to do so we made the last pickup today we had expexted to have been back in time to open at 11am today but with delays and various hangups beyond our control we are still enroute to the store and expect to open no later than 1pm. Sorry if this inconvienced anyone.


ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL, ITS THE LAST AND MOST MEANINGFUL ITS THE SUPERBOWL, ZZAS HAS THE PERFECT PIZZA FOR THE SUPERBOWLPARTY .THE 28" SUPERSIZED PARTY ZZA AT 42% LARGER THAN A SHEET PIZZA ITS HUGE, BEST OF ALL WE TOSS'EM. So forget the Sheet Pizza Make your Superbowl party complete with your own Super Party Zza . And no matter which team wins the big game you'll be the big winner, order yours today were including 2-2ltr bottles of Soda with each Party Zza ordered Sunday 7Feb2016


On Saturday, January 23rd, Zzas will be opening at 2PM. SORRY for any inconvenience this may cause. Zzas Management.

Tonight a great night for pizza and I can't wait to find out who will be getting that first big old pizza the 28" party ...

Tonight a great night for pizza and I can't wait to find out who will be getting that first big old pizza the
28" party Zaa boxes came in this morning around 3 am and holy cow they are taller than George.

Anyone up for the challenge, a 28 inch one item, 90 min and you complete the challenge we will refund your purchase price $35.99, give you $100 cash and donate $100 to Springfield cares get you a ZZAS I ATE THE WHOLE 28 SHIRT and put ur picture on the wall. So who's gonna be the first.
Raffle drawing at 5pm tonight come by as Greg gonna toss one of these puppies in the air when we draw our winner


Got the word from our supplier wont have 28" boxes by friday. Not wanting to delay drawing we will look to another source and drive 2 hours to pick them up.


GET YOUR RAFFLE TICKETS NOW AND BE YHE VERY FIRST TO GET ONE, it a monsterous 28" hand tossed pizza, and yes we will throw that dough in the air. We will hold the drawing on Fri 15Jan2015 with the winner notified by phone and schedule to be picked up on Saturday 16Jan2015 after which they will be available to everyone. The proceeds from the raffle will be donated to charity to be named shortly. Any questions may be directed to Greg.
In separate news we will be extending our hours on new years eve and be open until I AM.
Also until further notice we will be closed on Mondays for maintenance and upkeep


Merry Chistmas Everyone, Enjoy, have a great day and be safe.


We're getting ready to roll out 28 inch MONSTER ZAA.. PIZZAS !!!!!! Boxes will be in JANUARY 15th... In Honor of that will be Raffling off Tickets for ($1.00) that u can purchase between NOW and the 15th of January . For u to have the chance of the First MONSTER ZAA PIZZA!!! All proceeds will be going to a local children charity . .. will have the details on what children's charity in the next few days. So come join the fun and buy a ticket with the chance to win... A Monster Zaa!!!!!

We love special orders had a request for a 2 ft cheesesteak and normally we get our rolls from Orland but a 2 ft roll is...

We love special orders had a request for a
2 ft cheesesteak and normally we get our rolls from Orland but a 2 ft roll isn't available so made our own
made two just in case one didn't come out. They both look great now I've got an extra what to do????
I got it. Who wants there very own 2 ft cheesesteak
4 portions of meat with or without onions you call it
and only $18.99. Remember there's only one give us a call and reserve it 330 784-9927...Kevin are u out there

Hey everybody where on my back way back from New York we left Syracuse with the ovens intact and show hey running a coup...

Hey everybody where on my back way back from New York we left Syracuse with the ovens intact and show hey running a couple hours behind expect to be there about 10 o'clock or 1030 at the latest and if anybody is able to help us I greatly appreciate it I'll see y'all soon


good evening everyone, Hope everyone is doing well. we wanted to give everyone an update on the state of Zzas, there is mostly good news, lets start with our status in lakemore, last week we came to an agreement with rich cook and his attorney larry cook that would allow us to stay in our present location for years to come it is a two part the first has til may of 2016 when if we continue to meet expectations we will sign an extention for 5 years. this will ultimately keep Zzas serving the area and each and everyone who has allowed us to serve you and continue to do so, as we have in the past, being a part of this great community. as we have always said its not just about profits its taking care of family and the community. there is more great news last night after weeks of struggling with product issues related to baking of our pies we set out and purchased new ovens. they will allow us to provide better and more consistant product as well as better service allowing us the capacity to increase the number of pies we are able to bake at the same time , by more than triple, the only downfall is we will be closed
Wed 9Dec2015 as we will be traveling to Syracuse to get them and return later in the evening to remove and install our new ovens. additionally the ovens will allow us to in the very near future have our monster pizza the hand tossed 28 inch Zza. we are very excited. with all this going on we are looking for a couple good people to join out team. we are in the need for an experienced pie maker with experience and the ability to throw dough pay will depend on experience, also we are in need of drivers for delivery this position requires a valid drivers lisc, a vehicle, and insurance. As we grow we intend on promoting from within we plan on opening additional locations in years to come and will have great opportunities for great people who are reliable, dependable, and take care and pride in their work. lastly there will be a new menu coming out which i hope to have completed before the end of this weekend.
Lastly i wanted to thank each and everyone who have continued to support us and keep us in lakemore, thank you so very much as the outpouring of support has really humbled me. though we have not been able to advertise since august with everthing that was going on we have continued to see new faces who more times than not we told by all of you this is the place to go. and there are way too many to list, from the bottom of my heart I thank each and every one of you for without you we would be just a memory.Thanks as you are our advertising budget. so please keep up the great work and we will continue to provide the best possible products at reasonable cost. please keep in mind we are not perfect and do make mistakes so if for any reason we do not meet your expectation, please dont hesitate to contact me and let me know in order to better serve you as we will make it right.
Again thank You so very much.
When we reopen I will have turned 50 and just being able to do what I so love to do is the best present i could ever hope for.
I would like to thank my best friend who has given so much of himself to Zzas, as I have relied on and at time have abused as he has put up with what few have and although has struggled at times as we all have when game-time comes he has continued to answer the call.


Semper Fi and happy Marine Corp Birthday. Thats right today is the Marine Corp Birthday, and i cant even get my people to come to work on time. Todays special is 2 12in pizzas with 1 item each for just $10.00 upgrade to 14in for $4.00 more


Good Afternoon, to all of the Zzas friends and family and to all of our supporters, the last few days have been a whirlwind. Yesterday our fine landlord who has been attempting to evict is so he can use the property for personal purposes. Then based strictly based on rumor and conjecture after the holidays he will rerent. He would like people to believe we didnt pay our rent and although he has repeatedly told people this, as recently as this morning, as a matter of court record there are no missing rent payments. Except for the sept and oct 2015 which we made every attempt to pay but refused to take. So yesterday after we had already been given a stay of evection until the courts hears the appeal. Somehow at 2:20 pm he was able to get our stay overturned and granted immediate evection sheduled for this morning at 10:30. Sometimr prior to 9 am he unlawfully changed locks and entered the building. Last night at 5pm upon notification from our attorney we ceased operations turned our equipment off and began the impossible task of locating a truck and attempting to find storage, which by the way most close at 5. We continued our efforts to remove, load, and transport until nearly 1am. Upon our return we found mr cook, susan (your mayoral canidate who recieved all rent and notifications as to our 5yr extention as did mr cook know for sometime our plans were long term) and several of his cronies. They already changed our locks and had been in the store prior to the lawful time which was when the court baliff arrive shortly after 10:30am in the mean time or attorney doing her do diligence was filing for another stay to have eviction stopped. Mr Cook would not allow us further entry. Stating we were informed yesterday and had made little to no effort to remove our belongings dispite our objections we were ordered away amde made move off the lot he doesnt even own. Then before they were able to move any equipment the baliff recieved word of the granting of our stay. So this afternoon and evening we will be moving many of the item we removed in an effort to once again serve the community. So it this time we will be closed for the remainder of the day and reopen tomorrow probably not by 11am but as soon as possible sometime b4 3, once we have finished everything we need to do to be ready to serve you. Because we know how everyone loves our chicken and wed special 4pcs chicken and jojos just 5 bucks we will be honoring that special as well as the thursday special any 2 regular subs just 5 bucks each. We hope to see everyone taking advantage of the specials as well as the fall meal deal 2 12in 1 item pizza and 8pcs mixed chicken and jos for just $19.95. I truly want to thank all those who have show there continued support thru this evdevor. Thank You so very much and we promised to do the best we can to be able to sevre you in the future.


1458 Lake Rd
Lakemore, OH

Opening Hours

Tuesday 15:00 - 21:00
Wednesday 15:00 - 21:00
Thursday 15:00 - 21:00
Friday 11:00 - 23:00
Saturday 11:00 - 23:00
Sunday 12:00 - 20:00


(330) 784-9927


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