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Operating as usual


havent posted for a while, been so busy on the farm...
the website has our schedule for the food truck... thelotuscafefoodtruck.com
were down to Sunday in captain cook, Tuesday in Hawi, and Wednesday in Waimea,


new website for our food truck.... thelotuscafefoodtruck.com still serving 100% gluten free and non GMO food!!!


We just started doing lunch with our truck on Thursdays and Cyanotech. With a great opening last week, we lol forward to meeting old customers and new ones come check us out from 11-130.


Finally, after months of planning but nothing happening, a great day with the Fresh Express truck in waimea. The Mid Week farmers market at the stables behind the Parker ranch shopping center, in spite of the rain and cold, turned out to be a fun place to park and cook and eat. The market is full of great local products, many you dont see here in Kona. No shortage of fresh producethere; lots of hamakua mushrooms, yams and delish organic broccoli.
Overall, a market with lots of people who know good food, exactly what we are looking for. The new mewnu was popular, especially the green curry and hot coconut soup ( it was freezing and raining for hours at the market) . Lots of pad thai got cooked and eaten, and of course, no one wanted gelato.... We will be back next week for sure.


We dont throw too many parties as weusually fall asleep about the time we used to be getting ready to go out. But if the Council passes Bill 113 Tueday we will have a party at Lotus... Lets just hope they do it in the morning and we dont have to wait all day to get started... is anyone coming? let me know if you will be there...


well, its been way too long since we took the Fresh Express out for a spin to a new location.
Today we did a fun jaunt thru Kohala Ranch with Molly Harris and her staff. We served an appetizer at each of 5 houses in the tour attended by over 30 local agents and brokers. ceviche, fishcakes, and a few old Lotus favorties like chicken sate and ginger lemonade. We enjoyed the crowd and they enjoyed to food so much we have decided to take the truck to waimea next week Wed, nov 13 -Saturday nov 16 and park at Church Row we will be there 10:30-6 pm, and if its works out, we will be back every week on Wednesday-saturday. Come say hi and stay for lunch if you have the time... We look forward to seeing old and new friends there.... so see ya next week...

Untitled Album

Untitled Album


We are still serving delicious food at the South Kona Green Market every Sunday from the Fresh Express food truck. We are actively seeking other locations we can park at on other days and would appreciate any help in finding a great spot with lots of foot traffic. We discontinued the Dixson 76 because of low sales..


We are down at Dixson 76 today, Wednesday till 4 pm, with the Fresh Express food truck, serving delicious lunches and snacks.... come by for a quickie...


Hey everybody! Today from 11-5 we will be down at the 76 station serving fresh food out of the Lotus Cafe Fresh Express food truck. Come down and stop by for a great meal!


Were taking the Fresh Express truck down to the Keauhou Farmer's Market tomorrow, Saturday, with a new menu full of old favorites and some surprises. Come get your farmers market fix and lotus cafe fix all at on time... see you at 7 45 am...

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Back at the Dixson 76 station serving a great lunch, raw chocolate pie, a fresh indian veggie curry, ( 7 spices in this paste) and ginger lemonade( that's my lunch). The menu is quite extensive for a food truck.
We will be here till late afternoon.... so come on down...


Today, Thursday, March 21, the maiden voyage of the Fresh Express truck.... come see us at the Dixson 76 station in kailua kona from 11- whenever...
its gonna be a great day!!


Appetizers: $8
1– Fresh ono ceviche with organic chips
2– Green papaya salad
3– Asain spiced guacamole & organic chips
4– Fresh ahi poke with lemongrass
5– Fresh green salad with Burmese dressing

Mains: $10
1– Bali seafood burger with fish, shrimp, minced with fresh herbs and coconut. Served with Golden Roasted Potatoes
2– Indian spiced chicken burger with a side of spiced Golden Roasted Potatoes.
3– Mushroom barley veggie Burger, served with Golden Roasted Potatoes
4- Pepes Ikan–Spiced fish grilled in banana leaf, served with Yellow Coconut Rice & green salad
5- Barbequed chicken, served with Mango Salsa & Yellow Coconut Rice

Desserts: $4
1– Gelato made with coconut milk (vegan)
2– Fudge Brownies
3– Choc Chip Macnut Cookies
4– Frozen fruit popsicles with seasonal fruits
5– Sticky rice & coconut steamed in banana leaf

Beverages: $4
1– Organic Lilikkoi juice
2- Organic Ginger Lemonade
3– Thai Spiced Chai with or without coconut milk


Come join the march this Saturday, March 16, to speak up for the labelling of GMO foods, and protest the poisoning of Hawaii by Monsanto as they raise their GMO seeds here. It starts at 3 pm. When it passes the Dixson 76 Station in town, we will be parked there in the Lotus Cafe food truck with free gelato for all the marchers. Come join in and let your voice be heard on this important issue.

I have a gift certificate for $100 for whomever comes up with the best name for the Lotus cafe food truck, soon to on th...

I have a gift certificate for $100 for whomever comes up with the best name for the Lotus cafe food truck, soon to on the road... hope to hear from you soon.....


We are very happy to be able to provide delicious and nutritious food and beverages at Lotus Cafe, the ONLY GMO FREE eatery in the state of Hawaii!!! I strongly urge the staff and owners of Island Naturals to join us


any comments about the lime pie with avocado filling? i like it with laddas mango gelato.... or ginger vanilla


come get 3 gelatos for the price of 1 on thursday january 19 23012; just mention this facebook ad. try the new chocolate with chocolate chips and chocolate fudge.
made with all organic ingeredients.


cone try the new gelato flavor, CHOCOLATE WITH CHOCOLATE CHIPS AND CHOCOLATE FUDGE... I had mine with some slivered almonds and candied ginger today... and dont forget the raw lilikoi pie and almost raw chocolate pie....


cook it with coconut milk, spiced with a little turmeric and black pepper, and you illl love it. its nothing like the ulu that's picked early and has no flavor and a strange texture.. people pick them early as the ripe ones have little shelf life, just a day or 2. make sure its ripe or its not with cooking or eating.


After a few months of cooking ulu and knowing something was not right, we enjoyed a most delicious dinner. our friend rick picked one at the right time, and that is the key. To really be right and of the best texture and flavor, the ulu need to be picked after the brown lines form between the small green segments of the skin


we qalso have a cacao banana pie with almond butter and crushed almonds on top.... its thick like fudge, served cold, and also very delicious


look for our new RAW lilikoi pies soon.... macnut- honey crust, and a pie you cant put down... unless lilikois not your thing.


Anyhow, if you hqave mature coconuts you would like to sell or trade for food at lotus, please give us a call. we can arrange to get them to kona if you can drop them in hilo oif thats where you are. i even drive to kohala if that's what it takes


most people who want to sell us coconuts for milk have no idea when a coconut makes good milk. it needs to be left on the tree till the water gets absorbed back into the meat.... that's about 2.5-3 years.. and with everyone loving spoon meats, theres not a lof of coconuts left on the trees for 2.5 years


Outrageous shipping charges, increases on the cost of coconut milk, and even stories of a shortage of coconut milk in Thailand have left us wondering if we can get enough of coconuts to make our own coconut milk.


[2]) in the sense of being glue-like or sticky and not in the sense of containing gluten; on the other hand, it is called sticky but should not be confused with the other varieties of Asian rice that become sticky to one degree or another when cooked.
Glutinous rice does not contain dietary gluten (i.e. does not contain glutenin and gliadin), and thus should be safe for gluten-free diets.


did you know that stick rice, also known as glutinous rice, has NO GLUTEN?
According to wikipedia,
Glutinous rice (Oryza sativa var. glutinosa or Oryza glutinosa; also called sticky rice, sweet rice, waxy rice, botan rice, biroin chal, mochi rice, and pearl rice[1]) is a type of short-grained Asian rice that is especially sticky when cooked. It is called glutinous (< Latin glūtinōsus


I want to tell you that our Coconut Pineapple Gelato is new and improved.... i decided to chop all the white pineapple into small pieces and not puree any of it into the gelato mix. so its super pin
eapple flavored, with a chunk of pineapple in every spoonful.... please try this new version and let me know if you like it... pleeeease let me know


73-5617 Maiau St
Kailua-Kona, HI


(808) 327-3270


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Aloha the information seems to be out of date. Tried to call and contact. Web page gone. If still around please post new information so we Can support you. mahalo Tim