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Consistent Cups Hoquiam We are an espresso stand featuring batdorf and bronson, dancing goats blend espresso. "Fine baristas practicing the true art of espresso."


Both locations will be open normal hours Easter 🐣! Hop and try some of our white chocolate whipped cream on your favorite drink!


Dan McCartney's run was today. And some of you runners came by wanting to order his drink! 💗 for all you Danimal supporters Mcartney drank a non fat white chocolate mocha :) 16oz double. Drink one for Dan. Thanks!




Share, share, share!!! We are officially hiring! Please turn in resumes to either location!!! Thank you!


I want to take a minute to appreciate an amazing customer we had the privilege to know at Consistent Cups Espresso. I feel in order for you to understand where I am coming from, I need to explain just how much a customer like this means to a small business like Consistent Cups Espresso.

When you open a small business, you work the long haul, as I did the first 5 years of Consistent Cups. After opening back in August 2009, I worked EVERY day from 4:30a.m. to 10:00pm for the first 3 months. After that crazy period I worked a minimum of 30 hours a week, until the business demands of both locations pulled me away from our service windows 3 years ago.
I love being a barista, and I love the customers that come by. Here is one thing people may not realize: it’s just how humble we all are with these lives you let us be a part of.
When a customer comes through our stand routinely they become a part of our life. 4-10 minutes EVERYDAY you see that face. This is not news to most of you, but what may be enlightening to you, is how much we as baristas really look forward to that daily interaction. If we don’t see you for a week, we worry! Not because of sales or price points. It’s because somehow, through this day in-day out relationship you become part of our family. Sometimes unbeknownst to both of us.
You see; we see you on your bad days, when your bank account is low, and your house is flooded, or you lost a pet, or hurt yourself. We see you When you lose your job, or people close to you. We see you when you are truly blue and want something warm to pick you up. Here we are to give you that cup.
We are sincerely concerned with your daily lives… It is not an act or a simple "how is your day?" We see you in states of undress lol, with no makeup… with your hair disheveled…. We see you and your wedding party Before your vows... On your way to AND from vacation. We laugh with you and we cry with you. Simply put, we just be with you.
We see you bring home your babies straight from the hospital, we see you through your dialysis and kidney transplants…we see you on valentines day treating your loved ones…On Christmas to spread warmth and joy….
You see, We don’t mean to get so wrapped up; or entangle our personal feelings with our customers…. But how can we not??? People are just too awesome to keep a cold shoulder. You thaw our hearts on our own cold days….
Most of my girls plan to work MORE through times of personal hardship and pain, because simply put, the light you give us in return; it heals us. Whether a barista wants this or not… it just happens. You may ask how this happens, but I have to say, how can this not when you allow us to be a part of some of the most intimate details of your lives?

Now I will take some time to appreciate this amazing customer Daniel McCartney.

Dan McCartney was what you would call a LOYAL CUSTOMER. I first met McCartney at Staples while printing our menus for Consistent Cups the week before we opened. I picked up my menus from him and he was intrigued lol, asking me what this was? Where was this opening. I told him. He said he would come by, I thought it to be polite talk. Honestly I didn’t think he truly would, but their he was opening day to boot. A man of his word lol, and the rest we say is history… He came through EVERY DAY.
When McCartney got his job at the Hoquiam P.D. I was super excited for him. Actually he was such a good customer and friend by that point, I gave him a drink on me. I thought I might not see him as much, but after leaving Staples he still made the trip to get coffee at Aberdeen Consistent Cups EVERYDAY on his way to work…. And EVERYDAY on his morning home from a long night he would stop in to bring his wife a cup. I still remember their drinks.

Now I knew McCartney better than I knew his wife, you see he ALWAYS got her drink for her. I will say I did feel a connection to her though, as we were expecting during the same time. McCartney would come through and we would share experiences. His oldest son is the same age as my oldest daughter. His youngest son the same age as my youngest daughter. I was just starting my career and so was he. We had so many parallels how could we not relate to each other??

I will tell you with 100% honesty McCartney was more excited about my second location in Hoquiam than I was. Excited for his drinks now closer to work, but also for my business, for the success of me. And that was just the kind of guy he was.
I’ll never forget my first day open in Hoquiam. It was October 10th 2013 I was in the back grabbing some muffins when I heard the loudest “WHOOOOOOP YEAHHHH” coming from my service window. To be quite honest it scared the wits right out of me! I expected to have a slow start and this whooping and hollering was just 6 minutes after I opened on my first day…. Well I rush up front to see McCartney ear to ear grin on his face… loud as can be “I bet I am more excited about this than your are!” he chuckled as I told him he scared the literal 💩 out of me…I had to agree with him, as I did not start my day whooping and hollering; he laughed and got his white chocolate, and for the next 2 years he was even more a part of my life. He would stop by if he saw me in “his” stand during off hours, just to make sure nothing was wrong. With a friendly joke to shake off his concern “What would I do if my stand was closed due to a burglary?”. He would keep us informed of dangerous people around the area. And if no one was around he would hang and talk about life.

I spoke with him daily about personal life happenings such as purchasing my first home, my business, or our town. We would talk about things like his career, his CrossFit at the timber gym, and honestly drugs. Oh how he hated seeing our towns slowly waste away with homelessness and drugs. He kept me informed every step of the way as he began to move his family out of our area. We were all sooo sad.
The following two years after he transferred to Pierce county we were still blessed with their visits. That is until his home finally sold and he came by both locations to tell us goodbye. We made him promise to visit. He assured us he would, and that was that.
When I saw the news headlines Monday morning I will admit something I am not very proud of. The screen read “Pierce County officer killed” I went through the selfish mental process of “Does this affect me?”, you know the process of elimination. I said, “Okay pierce county, I don’t know any officers in pierce county, phew.”

You must understand I am not saying any death is to be taken lightly, but at that moment I thought I was spared from personal tragedy. I went through my day like normal, it was not until 5:45pm that one of my employees told us all. It slithered down my spine like a poisonous thick inky darkness….… wait I know that face… wait I know this man… wait what the hell is going on. This can’t be happening, no no no. I don’t know any officers in Peirce County.
I am remembering his life and what it meant to me… what he shared with me…. seeing a hospital band on his wrist and being worried for his son. He had to reassure us “everything was alright….Jeesh” I remember him bringing home his two younger children from the hospital and how ecstatic he was. The days following coming to pick up his wife’s coffee and preen over his little bundles.
I remember his humor, quick tongue and wit. with a half-smile on his face and the last word in edgewise. We love to joke around at Consistent Cups and both of us were good sports about giving and receiving this banter. You see I remember sooo much but not enough at the same time. If my brain could have only known that these interactions 3 years later were too important to lose, I would have been forever grateful. But now they are muddy and each day that has passed since I just think “Wow, this world really lost someone special. We are better human beings than this.”

He is NOT a race issue please don’t make him that… His life is NOT the life to stand on for trivial things such as the kneeling at football games, if you knew McCartney you would know he still supported the Hawks… that’s right a Navy Veteran, Heaven forbid not sweating the small stuff. and yes, that is right, I said trivial, because everything is trivial when you look at the mortality of this situation…. His life should not be used to preach your own personal, political, or racial agenda…. He was simply a MAN and an AWESOME MAN at that. A HUMAN BEING. Rest so peacefully McCartney…I just don’t know how to express to you all how much Consistent Cups is hurting for you and your families. To Your work family (Aberdeen Staples, US Navy, Hoquiam PD, and Pierce County Sheriff’s), your fitness family (Timber gym, YMCA and Yelm crossfit) , and your personal family, GOD BLESS. We will never, ever forget you Deputy Daniel MCcartney.


Hoquiam Open 7:30-3pm Thanksgiving day! Aberdeen 7am-5pm Gobble Gobble!


We will be opening at 7am tomorrow. We will close at 7 like usual! Happy 4th!


2930 Simpson Ave
Hoquiam, WA

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