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Operating as usual


Hello everyone!!! FYI - we will be closed on Labor Day Monday - see you all for Tuesday lunch!!! Have a great weekend & thank you for all of your awesome support!!!
Thai Wasabi Family


Hello everyone!!! We are back online - phone & internet all up, we are good to go for credit card transaction again!!! We apologize it took so long...the Spectrum tech was awesome when he arrived - thank you Shawn!!! Thank you everyone for being so patient with us - you guys didn't skip a beat!!!
Thai Wasabi Family


Hello everyone!!! FYI, our internet is down - we are unable to take any phone orders or process credit card transactions- CASH ONLY until further notice. We expect to be back online by this afternoon - thank you for your patience and awesome support!!!
Thai Wasabi Family


Hello everyone,
Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3...
We've been having issues with our page - so we apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused you. As far as our hours - we are operating normally & full steam ahead!!!
Thank you for your patience & your awesome support!!!
Thai Wasabi Family


Thank you to everyone for a great start to 2021!!! FYI - we will be enjoying the Super Bowl weekend too...we will be sleeping in late Monday morning. So - we will be "CLOSED on MONDAY, Feb. 8th".....
We will see you on Tuesday!!!
Thank you,
Thai Wasabi Family


Merry Christmas everyone!!! We wish everyone health & happiness as you celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ with your family & friends. FYI - we are closed today...we will see you on Saturday!!! Thank you!!!
Thai Wasabi Family


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!
We will always have many blessings to be thankful for - God is still great!!!
We thank you for your continual support & wish everyone a blessed Thanksgiving!!!
FYI - we will be closed on Thanksgiving day and Black Friday lunch...we will open for dinner on Friday only.
Thank you,
Thai Wasabi Family


Hello everyone,
Thank you for your awesome support when we transitioned back to was great to see everyone again & catch up on life in our "new normal." As we approach the end of 2020, we have much to be thankful for, in the midst of this pandemic...we just have to remain faithful in the Lord & trust that his plans are always better in the end. FYI, we will be closed for Labor Day...we will see you Tuesday!!! Thank you!!!
Thai Wasabi Family


Hello everyone,
We have decided to resume our dine-in operations once again. Thank you for respecting social distancing guidelines and mask usage, as recommended by our local authorities.
We look forward to seeing you once again!!!
Thank you,
Thai Wasabi Family


Hello everyone,
As you are aware, COVID-19 cases are on the rise once again in Florida. We have been doing our part to maintain a healthy environment for everyone to either dine in or order for take-out...we thank you for your support during the adjustments, everyone has been very cooperative and patient.
We once again ask for your cooperation, as we have decided to transition back to "To-Go" only. We will begin this transition on Saturday, July 11, 2020. We want to do our part to keep everyone safe & healthy, by helping to maintain an environment that is both safe for you and our staff.
We thank you for your understanding, as we know this news is not welcoming to everyone - but we hope this is only temporary. We will transition back to normal dine-in operations when the number of COVID-19 cases decline and the atmosphere is safe.
We thank you so much for your continuing support and safe and healthy!!!
Thai Wasabi Family


Hello everyone,
As always, we thank you for your continual support & for your patience when we adjusted to the 50% dining capacity. As we continue, we are preparing for any adjustments we may need to make, if the governor mandates us to do so for COVID-19 precautions - we will keep you updated.
FYI, we will be closed on Saturday July 4th and also Monday July 6th...please be safe & enjoy your Fourth of July weekend!!!
Thank you,
Thai Wasabi Family


Hello everyone,
We are very happy to inform you that we are open for dine-in once again!!! We have limited seating, due to our social-distancing we ask everyone to please be extra patient with our staff as we work to take care of the dine-in & to-go patrons at the same time.
We also ask everyone to please be respectful of each other - some of you are not at all cautious of the COVID-19 virus, while many others are very aware of the risks, especially our elder patrons. Please be mindful & courteous to everyone, as we all need to practice safe & healthy habits to combat this virus.
We whole-heartedly want to say thank you to all of you for continually supporting us...hopefully soon, things will be back to normal.
All of our daily blessings originate from our Lord & Saviour, Jesus Christ...we ask you to join us in prayer as our nation is going through some tough times. We always believe that everything is in God's hands...but we can all each do our part and respect each other in our daily interactions.
Thank you everyone...and God bless you all!!!
Thai Wasabi Family


Hello everyone,
We sometimes have an issue where our post is not visible to our audience, so please forgive us as we post this info again...
FYI - we are closed for Memorial Day...we will see you Tuesday take-out again.
Thank you,
Thai Wasabi Family


Hello everyone,
FYI, we are closed today in observance of Memorial Day. We will open tomorrow - see you soon!
Thank you,
Thai Wasabi Family


Hello everyone,

Thank you once again for your continual support - we appreciate it very much. We are closer to having our sense of normalcy back - the governor has allowed restaurants to return to their dine-in operations, at 25% seating capacity, with proper social distancing procedures in place. This is welcoming news as it points in a direction that soon we can be a normal restaurant once more. However, for the time being, we at Thai Wasabi have decided to remain "To Go" only.

We decided to do this because of safety concerns for all parties - both Dine-In & To Go customers. It would be problematic for us to take care of both types of customers due to the social distancing requirements...therefore creating time-consuming procedures for our staff, ultimately jeopardizing overall customer service for everyone. For our staff to properly social-distance 25% of our seating capacity while taking care of them, would really hamper our abilities to execute our To-Go orders at the same time, and vice versa. We have adapted to this economic shut-down by gearing up our operations for "To-Go"....we just want to stay flexible for the time being, until we are ready for 100% seating capacity, with less restrictions and knowing that the COVID-19 virus is less dangerous to us all. Hopefully that time will be soon - for the time being though, we just have to be cautious and safe.

We are also going to have a second line for you to call in to place your orders - we understand your frustration when you call & the line is busy. We know you understand that we are not a "fast food" establishment, we make high-quality dishes that require time - due to customers "customizing" their we appreciate your patience and understanding. To make the ordering process much quicker & less time-consuming, we ask that you already know exactly what you want by taking a look at our menu online. While we love to catch up with our customers and tell you our recommendations - this holds up the line for other customers who are waiting. In other words, we want to be quick & efficient as possible, so you get your food & return home to enjoy with your family. :)

We truly thank you for your time, patience, understanding, and awesome support for our restaurant - THANK YOU!!!

Thai Wasabi Family


Hi everyone!!!
We are still here & picking up steam - all because of your overwhelming support!!! Thank you so much for coming together and continuing to support us through this difficult time - we'll continue feeding you as long as you want!!!
Also, please be a little patient with our phone line being extra busy when you call - it is working - we're just taking someone's order. Thank you for your patience & understanding...we look forward to serving you soon!!!
Thai Wasabi Family


Hello everyone,
Thank you once again to everyone who supported us through another week of this crisis - we are still here to serve you!!! As some of you are aware, we have implemented a safer way for you to pick-up & order your food. As you approach our store-front, please enter through our door to the right - this will direct you to our pathway where we have established tape-lines for you to socially distance yourself from our staff and other customers. We will handle everything related to your order - we will have them ready for you - all you have to do is pay & exit through another door.
During this crisis, naturally our vendors have increased our food costs, due to the demand & lack of supplies. We have decided not to pass the costs down to you, even though it is very tough for us as a business. Instead we have tried to cut costs by any means necessary without sacrificing the quality you expect from us. As we enter another week, the government is recommending that we limit our visit to the grocery store. You can consider Thai Wasabi as your alternative to the grocery store dilemma - we got you covered!!!
We sincerely appreciate each and everyone of you for supporting us - during the good times, and especially during the tough times as well. We will continue to be here until this crisis is over - so please spread the word to your family & friends - you can depend on Thai Wasabi!!!
May God bless everyone as we approach Easter weekend - take the time to thank Him for the rich blessings He has given us - even in times of crisis.
Thank you!!!
Thai Wasabi Family


Wow - thank you everyone for coming out and supporting us this week!!! Thank you for your generous tips to our staff - you guys went the extra mile for us, we appreciate your kindness very much.
We are still here for you - our staff is a little bit leaner, but we are very blessed to still be able to provide take-out...all thanks to you guys, and ultimately to the grace of God.
Have a safe & healthy weekend everyone...let's get ready for next week!!!
Thank you!!!
Thai Wasabi Family


Hello everyone,
We pray all of you are well & healthy. Thank you for your continual support - we are staying open with our "To Go" operations. Please know that we also offer Apple Pay & Samsung Pay, to make the transaction as safe & seamless as possible.
FYI,our closing hours have changed - we will be closing every evening at 9:00pm.
God bless,
Thai Wasabi Family


We'd like to thank everyone for supporting us through this difficult week - we're very grateful for the wonderful customers/friends/family we have in you, our community - thank you!!!
We wish everyone a safe & healthy weekend...we will be ready to serve you once again next week!!!
God Bless!!!
Thai Wasabi Family


Good evening everyone,
The governor has just declared that all restaurants have to close their "Dine In" we are complying and offering "To Go" orders only. We and your other local favorite restaurants are experiencing a drastic change in sales - so your support is truly needed & appreciated during these times. We appreciate the overwhelming support we have received this whole week - you guys are truly awesome!!!
Our continual prayers for health & safety as we weather this unique crisis together - and may all of us find peace in our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Thank you,
Thai Wasabi Family


Hello everyone,
We want to let everyone know that we understand your concerns regarding COVID-19 and its effects on us all. As a business in our community, we had hoped this would not come to pass - as this hurts our local economy tremendously. Never-the-less, we are in this situation together, so we must all practice safety measures to ensure we all survive this.
And we will survive this...we just have to balance healthy common sense practices in our daily activities. We at Thai Wasabi will continue to have safety measures in place to ensure your health while you dine in or choose to order out.
While there are local restrictions in place regarding social distancing, we still encourage you to go out to support your local businesses as much as possible - while still obeying these restrictions. We should not let the hysteria be more dangerous than the virus itself...the health of our local economy is just as important as the health of our working citizens. Everyone should continue living a normal life as much as possible, while maintaining a sense of vigilance for safety.
We also want to emphasize that during this time of crisis - everything is in God's control - nothing happens without Him. We can do as much as we can in times like these - but ultimately, everything is in His hands, and we need to put our trust in Him.
We pray for good health & safety for everyone, and look forward to seeing you once again at our establishment.

Thank you,
Thai Wasabi Family


Wow - 2019 is almost over!!! We want to take a moment to say thank you to everyone for supporting us throughout our last 11 years!!! You are the reason we are love our food & we love serving & sharing our meals with you - thank you!!! We hope everyone had an awesome Christmas with family & friends...and that the new year will be even better for you - we wish everyone happiness & success!!! We also want to share with you that God is AWESOME!!! - each and every day!!! Please take a moment to realize that the Lord has blessed us all, in this great country of ours!!! He loves us all, great & small, of every color & race. We thank Him for all the customers that walk thru our door - everyone is a blessing for us. We will be CLOSED on New Year's Day, Wednesday...we look forward to seeing you for lunch on Thursday. Happy New Year to everyone!!! Thank you!!! :)


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! We are closed on Thanksgiving day and Black Friday lunch - but we will open for dinner. We will be happy to help you in your turkey recovery, so we will see you soon!!! :)


We will be closed on Monday for Labor Day and will be opened on Tuesday. We hope everyone will be safe as hurricane Dorian approaches Florida...stay safe with your family & friends and we will see everyone soon as the hurricane passes.


Happy New Year everyone!!! We wish success & God's continual blessings for all in 2019!!! Thank you for the memories of 2018...we look forward to serving you again in 2019!!! We will be open for business as usual on Tuesday, January 1, 2019 - see you for lunch!!!


Merry Christmas everyone!!! We are closed on Christmas Day & will be celebrating the birth of Christ with friends & family. We will see you for lunch on Wednesday!!!


Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone!!! Thank you so much for your support - we love you guys!!! Everyone here at Thai Wasabi are humbled that you love our food - we are here because of you!!! As always during the holidays, we have our gift certificates on promotion: Spend $50 and get get $10 on us...spend $100 and get $20!!! They are going fast - so get them while they last!!! Thank you & see you soon!!!


Hi everyone!!! We want to say thank you for supporting us through out these last 10 years - it is because of you - we are still here!!! Thank you for your thoughts & prayers, and most importantly - thank you for appetites!!!
We will be closed on Thanksgiving Day...and we will open for Black Friday dinner.
We wish everyone a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!!!


Hello everyone. We are closed today for Labor Day...we will see you tomorrow for lunch - Thank you!!!


Hello everyone,
Please be aware that we will be closed on July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. We hope you have a wonderful & safe Fourth of July celebrations. We have so much to be thankful for in this great country of ours - lets take some time off & enjoy God's blessings!!! We will see you on Thursday for lunch and thank you for your continual support!!!


Hello everyone. We will be closed on New Year"s Day...we will see you for lunch on Tuesday - Thank you!!!


5250 E SR-64
Bradenton, FL

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Monday 11am - 2:15pm
5pm - 9pm
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Wednesday 11am - 2:15pm
5pm - 9pm
Thursday 11am - 2:15pm
5pm - 9pm
Friday 11am - 2:15pm
5pm - 9pm
Saturday 12pm - 2:30pm
5pm - 9pm


(941) 896-7803


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This is my new favorite place to enjoy Thai food. Beautiful atmosphere, great service and the food... so good.
What a wonderful experience. From the minute we sat down we were treating with such attentiveness and care. The food was simply amazing. Thank you so so much for an amazing dining experience. 5 stars!
is the dining room open?
Well, another amazing meal from your fabulous restaurant! We love you all and hope you continue to weather this storm. We're in your corner and we're so happy you are still open for takeout. Can't wait until we can come in and enjoy lunch or dinner in the dining room. Miss you guys! Joan & Gary Beasley
Tonight's special cockroach fried rice 🤢🤢
Simply delicious.
At our happy place :)