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Operating as usual


Hello everyone. I'm very sorry to say that Simply Delish is no longer in business. Due to medical issues we have moved to a independent/assisted living facility to better help my wife.

Plus right now I'm waiting to start chemo/radiation treatments for cancer in my lymph nodes in my neck.

We miss you all


Happy Holidays ( too early to wish you a Merry Christmas)

I had high hopes of bringing Simply Delish! back to the Village of the Arts First Fridays and Saturdays.

But another bout of low Potassium and way high blood sugars has derailed me once again.

We're still turning out a special order or two for those who remember and still want some of our items.

The items most requested:

Any of our ricotta pound cakes; lemon/lemoncello, orange/amaretto, orange/Grand Marnier, lime/melon liquer

Blueberry gingerbread

Strawberry nut bread

Lemongrass/ginger cookies

Orange coconut oatmeal cookies

Raspberry/Roasted red pepper chipotle glazed meatloaf

Roasted red pepper soup

Wild mushroom soup

We'll take orders up to December 16th. Delivery up to December 22.

Free delivery up to 10 miles ($5.00 additional if further)

To order call 941.465.7885



Surgery behind me. Feeling great. Back in kitchen tomorrow.

Baking Orange coconut oatmeal and Lemongrass/ginger cookies for the Blake Hospital 2nd floor nursing staff and my surgeons office


Merry Christmas to all of our Simply Delish friends.

We hope to have news after the first of the year as to what is going on with Simply Delish! Stay tuned


Latest News!!!

Surgery delayed once again.....but here's the deal. I am able to bake or make some of the more popular items for the Holiday season.

Cinnamon Rolls. (6 or more)
Ricotta Cheese Pound cakes
*Orange&Grand Marnier
*Black Russian Circles
Brioche dinner rolls (min a doz)

*Orange Coconut Oatmeal
*Chocolate chunk
(more choices soon)

Soups: (min -pint)
*Roasted Red Pepper
*Bacon Corn Chowder

Meatloaf: (min - 2 pound loaf)
*our classic - ketchup/honey/brn sugar glaze
*our fav - Raspberry Chipotle glaze
*new - bourbon chipotle glaze

Depending on our time whether we can offer more this holiday season. If you have questions drop us a line or make a phone call.



Putting one of my Ez-Up 10X10 tents up for sale. I have all the sides and cover

$75 firm


So here we are in Late October and haven't had much to say.

Finally have a date for surgery...November 20th. A few days to reuperate and then we are back in full baking and cooking mode.

We are hoping to also have some new and exciting news to announce soon. Stay tuned.

And for those of who have wondered about A Secret Table. There will be some announcements coming soon on future dinners as well


The news from simply Delish isn't great right now.

Still don't have date for surgery so can't risk lugging tents and tables to the Bradenton Farmer's Market every Sat. Not sure when I can makes plans to join all the fun. Please stay tuned.

We will be back when we can.


Well we have some news here at Simply Delish. Seems I am going to need some minor surgery and I am scrambling to get it done as soon as there is a spot for me. I am hoping the recovery time will allow me to start the Market on time. And some of the other things I have going through the month of Sept.

i will be posting more frequently as the weeks go by concerning the Simply Delish schedule


the breakfast items for the Bradenton Farmer's Market are almost set for the menu. Half of the lunch items are as well. Planning is moving right along.

You all are going to love the new items. Of course we will have our cinnamon rolls, the ricotta cheese pounds cakes and our always 'selling out' awesome cookies and soups

We hope to be able to offer more choices for coffee and maybe a hot tea and different iced teas through the season


Went to a Wine pairing dinner last night at Soma Dinner. What a great event. Last dinner at the current location. Soma will become Soma at Creekside I think (sorry if that isn't quite the correct name)

Chef Dave Shiplett gave us a 6 course menu paired with Balsamic vinegars and wines from Katy Rose Olive Oil. They co-sponsored the dinner and what a dinner. I am waiting for photos to be transferred over to me so i can post some...

Anyway a WOW!! of an evening.

Now for my.....I ma spending the afternoon working on a new appetizer...Candied Pork Belly.....Yummmmmmmmmmm


Summer update.

For you that weren't contacted or I haven't talked to personally, Simply Delish took the month of June and the first week of July off.

It ended up being a good thing. the cell phone quit, the computer broke and last Friday our oven stopped working....

Our first Bradenton Farmer's Market is the first weekend of Oct.

We are still able to do some baking if small orders or a small catering event is requested.

Our new cell phen number is 941-465-7885

Our new cell phone number is 941-465-7885


Wishing everyone a very Safe and fun 4th of July


Well this after market report is late but the report from the last Bradenton Farmer's market is good.

We finished with a flourish. We sold everything we baked and took except for one Cinnamon roll bread pudding.

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers for making it a good season for Simply Delish!

Now on to summer. We are going to reorginze cooking areas, buy some new baking equipment for an increase in production so that we can offer more variety next Season at the market or markets

We are still able to do special orders and we welcome them. So if you have ideas about dessert parties or need a platter for a party of anytime. Think of us here at Simply Delish!


Happy Memorial Day to everyone

Especially our veterans and our current military personnel

be smart....and have fun


Gearing up for the Bradenton Farmer's Market tomorrow. COme odwn and say goodbye to the season and buy some local products. We will be posting a list of sweets and things we will have tomorrow a little later today


A big change of plans....Simply Delish is going to be at the last Bradenton Farmer's Market this weekend....and we have one or two new items

First, for sure, we are going to have our newest flavor of our ricotta cheese pound cake....Black Russian with shaved tart cherries.

Will post more tomorrow


Well we were at our last Bradenton Farmer's Market for the season. We finished well. Caome hope with just 1/2 dozen cookies, 4 cinnamon rolls, no soup, no ricotta cheese pound cakes, nor coffee. So we think the last one was very successful

Plus we had a lot of interest in A Secret Table. There will be announcements on the A Secret Table FB page soon as well as our summer Simply Delish schedule listing here soon

So everyone have a great summer and come and check to see what we have in store for you.

Don't forget we do cater small parties, and we do deliver meals and trays for office parties, home parties, and well, just any party you can imagine...


Well we are going to attend the Bradenton Farmer's Market today....your last chance for a Cinnamon Roll for the season...

We will also have one pot of our Roasted Red Pepper soup. If you haven't tried it, you should.....There will also be a small number of Ricotta cheese pound cakes and a couple of cookies today....

If you we don't see you have a good summer

Make sure you come back and check out the Simply Delish page to see our summer schedule which is still be put together


And don't worry all of you local farmers out there....we certainly won't raise enough for all we need. Ours is for when we are in a situation that we need something quick...We love and support our local farmers.....


Our garden report.....yes, we started a garden to raise our own peppers, tomatoes and some herbs that we use frequently....It will be as organic as possible though we won't make those claims...just got the leeks in. That will be our waterloo. If we can be successful with those, we will consider our garden a success. Stay soon


Looks like we will do one more Bradenton Farmer's Market before the season ends....we will post what we are baking soon. Looking forward to announcing our summer schedule very soon

Timeline photos

Timeline photos


Aftermarket report:

You can tell the weather is getting hotter, and Mother;s Day is upon us....both vendors and customers were down today.

We did OK, but not one of our better days....We came home with more product than we have at any other weekend this season...

We will be announcing our summer schedule in the next few days...Hope you all will come and visit us whereever we end up

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Mothers out there. We hope it is a joyous and festive day for all.


Looking forward to this weekend and the Bradenton Farmer's Market. We are going to introduce a new soup, a Corn and bacon chowder with a jalapeno crema. And we will have a full assortment of Oatmeal cookies, from our most requested Orange coconut Oatmeal to the Butterscotch Oatmeal and ending with our White Chocolate Walnut Oatmeal.

Plus we have 2 Cinnamon Roll bread pudding with the butterscotch schnapps hard sauce....That will probably do it for this season....

So come out and support your local market and all of the vendors that work hard every week to bring you great homemade products and the fresh fruit and veggies from the local farms.


The aftermarket report

The weather held for the Bradenton Farmer's Market yesterday. You can tell the end of the season is near..the number of vendors and customers was down. But from our discussion with other vendors, we all did well.

Simply Delish had a good day. We came home with just one pound cake and maybe two cups of soup. Everything else sold out. Now of course we are cutting back on our items, but it was still a successful day. And our latest cookie, a white chocolate, walnut oatmeal sold out early.

There are three weeks left so if you have that craving for a cinnamon roll or maybe one of our ricotta cheese pound cakes, you better circle your calendar that the last weekend in May is it till the first weekend of October.


Update for the weekend Bradenton Farmer's Market.

This is probably the last weekend for the soups. Of course you can order them and have us bring it to one of the last 4 Markets for this season.

We will have both Roasted Red Pepper soup and the very addictive Tomato & Peanut soup...

So come on out and support your local Farmers Market. Lots of great items made right here in the area, and a few local farmers with their vegetables..

Of course we will have our Cinnamon Rolls, our famous Ricotta Cheese pound cakes, and at least two of our cookies

Plus we have information on A Secret Table dinners....stop by and pick up a brochure.


Tomorrow is the Bradenton Farmer's Market..Come out and suppoert your local artisans, farmers and food vendors....The weather is supposed to be good (HOT in the afternoon) so plan for an early visit.

We will only have one soup tomorrow....and it will be our Tomato & Peanut soup....a great soup that is very addictive.

We will have at least one muffin for a breakfast item..lemon/poppyseed and we are thinking about one more. We have a new cookie, a butterscotch Oatmeal plus one or two of our regular cookies.....Of course we will have our Cinnamon Rolls, and fresh roasted and brewed coffee....

Hope to see you there. If we haven't met, stop and introduce yourself


We were just reminded having read another post here on Facebook, that many of you don't know that Simply Delish does do catering...for 2 or 20. Boxed and delivered or prepared in your home....

We sell our soups, our meatloaf, specialty salads....and of course our pastries

And then we can recommend A Secret Table for a special dinner affair....


The Weekend Bradenton Farmer's Market report. The weather held, but the traffic is starting to dwindle. This weekend it was probably two-fold....The suggestion of rain, and the departure of our winter visitors. Overall we had a crowd that by most vendors accounts that I talked to, a pretty good day.

Simply Delish! had a successful day having sold out of both soups, all the cookies, 11 of the 12 Ricotta cheese pound cakes and both urns of coffee..

There was a late rush on our cinnamon rolls but we still came home with enough to maybe make two bread puddings for next Saturday.


Heading to the weekend and the Bradenton Farmer's Market. Hard to believe there are only like 6 weeke left this season....

Hope to have both our Roasted Red Pepper soup as well as the addictive Tomato and Peanut soup....Going to try to have a couple of new products as well.

We will have coffee but our usual suppliers are waiting for decision from me because a couple of the beans we wanted have suffered due to the coffee rust in Central America, especially in Costa Rica and Guatemala.


As of this morning, there are two seats available for the first Secret Dinner on April 14th. If you are interested in a 7 course meal in a beautiful gallery setting with classic guitar music....please let them know...

It will be a fabulous evening

Go to A Secret Table here on Facebook or send email to

[email protected]


This just posted on A Secret Table

We are taking back up reservations for at least 2 seats for our first Secret Dinner on April 14th...

We haven't heard from a couple of folk who reserved but didn't send deposits.....Please let us know if you are interested.

The dinner is next Sunday, 7 courses, classic guitar music in a wonderful Gallery setting....price is $28 per dinner

Menu can be found on A Secret Table here on Facebook


Well. What a fun day it was at the Bradenton Farmer's Market with our temporary location in the Village of the Arts....I would rate it a success and hope any who came and joined us let the City know how nice it was and that maybe they should consider doing it like maybe 4 imes a year....I think it was a win win situation for both the Farmer's Market vendors and the Village of the Art galleries and shops.....

The the reports from the customers how much they enjoyed the trolleys....everyone had a smile on their face. And it was a Chamber of Commerce weather kind of day...


Hey, there is good news at A Secret Table...they have another reserved seating for their first dinner bringing the total to 17......Good for them...

And the classic guitarist has confirmed he will be playing that night for the cocktail hour and through the dinner.

Going to be a great night.....If you haven't looked at the FB page for A Secret Table you should....holding a Secret Table dinner at least once a month...And there will be breaking news next week


Bradenton, FL

Opening Hours

Wednesday 4:30pm - 8:30pm
Thursday 4:30pm - 8:30pm
Friday 4:30pm - 8:30pm
Saturday 4:30pm - 8:30pm


(941) 465-7885



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