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Metro/Manatee Ice Co Maintaining a stock of ice is easy when you order what you need from Manatee/Metro Ice Co. For more than 110 years, Manatee/Metro Ice Co in Bradenton, Florida, has been the go-to ice distributor for individuals throughout the area, including Sarasota.

A locally and family-owned business, we're readily available to meet all your ice needs from our historic location in one of the area's oldest buildings.

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Looking for more ways to keep your the ice in your cooler frozen for longer periods of time? While it may seem like it would do more harm than good, try covering your cooler with a sleeping bag. The insulation from the sleeping bag will help keep the cold air inside and keep your ice frozen longer.


Want to make a party truly special? How about make it a snow day? Ice distributors can provide you with snow by the ton, making it easy to create winter wonderland dance or a kid’s party with sledding and snowmen.


If you are having a party and wondering how much ice you will need, you could use this equation: Plan for 4 ice cubes per glass and 3 drinks per person. So, calculate for at least 12 pieces per person.


If you want your drink to get colder in your cup faster, all you need is a little brute force. Crushing the ice in your drink will create more surface area for the ice and thus have more space inside the cup that will touch your warm drink and cool it down.


Trying to find the perfect way to make an event special? Why not add a little snow from an ice distributor? This is perfect for themed events, such as premieres or gala, as well as holiday events in environments where it doesn’t naturally snow during the winter.


If you need to cool a product or beverage down quickly, then shaved or flake ice is going to be your best option. This type of ice features a large surface area for cooling that’s created by shaving off flecks of ice from a large block.


Ice sculptures are a wonderful addition to any celebration. They can be made to reflect the theme of your event and lit with different colored lights to produce a completely unique and memorable decoration.


Planning an outdoor event and want enough ice on hand? Aside from the ice you'll need for safe storage, allocate 2 pounds of ice per person, more on a very hot day when rapid melting could be a problem.


Did you know that the water at the bottom of the deepest ocean is actually -4 degrees Celsius? Even though this water is below freezing it does not turn into ice; water has to expand in order to form ice, and the water at the bottom of the ocean is crushed under thousands of tons of pressure.


If you need to transport perishable goods, dry ice makes a great option. Not only is it great for keeping foods cold, but it also prevents bacterial growth during shipment.


Ice can absorb nearby odors. One of the best ways to insure sweet smelling ice for your gathering is to keep your refrigerator and freezer as clean and fresh as possible by discarding unused food before it spoils.


Does your community theatre need to simulate fog without a fog machine? Mixing dry ice with water will create the smoky effect. It will then just be a matter of what you’ll use to disperse it around the stage.


Around the turn of the twentieth century, there were around 2,000 commercial ice plants operating in the United States. These operations relied on the harvesting of naturally occurring ice from lakes, which was then stored and shipped by rail to urban areas for distribution.


The early ice trade in the U.S. was dominated by what geographical region? If you guessed the New England states, you're right. They had plenty of ice to harvest and ship to other areas of the country.


When it comes to iced cocktails, every state in the country has its preferences. Massachusetts ranked first in online searches for cocktail recipes, and the most requested ones were classics like the Martini, Gimlet and Vesper.


Want a centerpiece for your event that will truly stand out? An ice sculpture is sure to impress and add elegance to your banquet table. They can be provided in a variety of favorites, or custom made to fit your event or company.


One curious property of ice is that as it freezes, it expands (this is why standing water in your pipes will cause them to burst if they freeze). Put another way, as water freezes, it retains the same mass while taking up about 9% more space.


Why do you need ice from a commercial distributor when you have a refrigerator and an ice maker of your own either at home or at work? Do you have enough ice for a four-hour Bar Mitzvah with a crowd of 250 people? An ice distributor can make sure you don’t run out of ice.


If you prefer your gin Martini prepared without vermouth, you’re in good company. Legend has it Winston Churchill kept a bottle of vermouth in the room, so he could glance at it while he drank his gin Martini straight over ice.


The ice industry almost didn’t start up thanks to a bunch of doubters not willing to invest their money in a man with an idea. Because no ship in Boston wanted to ship ice down to the French island of Martinique, Frederic Tudor, the “Ice King”, was forced to buy his own ship for $5,000, which was quite a lot in the early 1800s.


Ever wonder what makes some ice cubes cloudy? The cloudiness is caused by tiny trapped air bubbles that refract the light. Ice makers eliminate much of this issue, as it forms the ice in layers, minimizing aeration.


By the 1830s, Frederic Tudor had become known as the Ice King. Why? In 1806, he launched the ice distribution industry when he bought a boat, filled it with ice and shipped it to the Caribbean island of Martinique.


Did you know that most business and special event logos can be duplicated out of ice and made into a range of different size ice sculpture presentations? What a unique way to ensure that your corporate event is memorable.


Did you realize that dry ice doesn't melt? It converts from a solid to a gas. Dry ice v***r looks like fog and can be an effective decorative element when entertaining or concocting specialty beverages.


During the early nineteenth century, industrialist Frederic Tudor made ice big business, transporting ice from New England to the American South, the Caribbean, and even India. One of his harvesting sites was Henry David Thoreau's Walden Pond.


Flake ice consists of small slivers of ice that have been flaked off to provide a packable ice. This type of ice is perfect for food and beverage displays, as it packs together well and is effective at chilling down those products in the display case.


Finding yourself lost in an ice maze might sound like something out of a Stanley Kubrick movie, but it is actually a source of fun for many. The longest ice maze covered 12,855.68 sq ft and was built in Buffalo, New York in 2010.


Another benefit of buying ice from an ice distributor is that many companies will crush the ice for you. This is useful for a number of reasons, such as the making of frozen confections like snow cones or ice cream!


When it comes to handling dry ice, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. Dry ice should never touch bare skin and rather always be handled with gloves. When dealing with dry ice, always make sure that the area is well ventilated.


Did you know that ice is considered a food by the FDA? This means that the specific regulations that apply to food manufacturing also apply to the commercial production of ice, so you can also count on it to be sanitary and safe.


The most common use of dry ice is to preserve food, often for shipping purposes or when regular refrigeration is not available. Some dry ice can keep food and drinks cool during a weekend hike.


Did you know that the demand for ice was so great in the second half of the nineteenth century that there were actually ice “famines”? First, cities were growing at such a tremendous rate that demand could not be met; then the Civil War halted shipments to the South; finally, after the War, further population growth again depleted supplies of ice.


When shipping food products, the most effective process is to use both dry ice and wet ice in the container (make sure the wet ice cannot leak out). The dry ice will keep the wet ice frozen until it sublimates, and then the wet ice will take over.


If you’re looking to keep your ice from melting in your cooler, you can try some of the secrets your grandmother uses to make ice cream. Adding rock salt to a cooler and giving it a mix every 30 minutes or so. The salt actually changes the ice’s freezing temperature and will cause the ice to melt more slowly.


Imagine that you want to want to send chocolates from Chicago to Miami in August. Regular ice would melt during the trip, ruining the chocolate, but dry ice simply returns to gas as it is used up, leaving no trace of water behind.


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