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January 19th.....I know ownership has changed hands..but..I do miss keeping in touch with you via the friendships we've made!! and on this FB Page!! Hope all of you are doing well!

Just a quick update as to what I've been doing!! First week....
BOOKWORK.....BOOKWORK...and more BOOKWORK!! It takes a lot to "close" accounts, etc...and...I'm still NOT done! More papers keep coming in the mail..... But...I have the time now! haha to keep up on it.....

This past week.....we went to SUNNY Arizona for a week... My sister Sherry, her husband Robert, my brother Marv, (Yvonne stayed to teach school!) and Chuck and I jetted out of Grand Island for Mesa/Phoenix... And...at.. the airport...we ran into Brad & Cindy Stephens from St. Edward who were also headed south!

Now, I have to admit...this country girl enjoys "boasting" that we don't even have a traffic light close by....because down there...oh my!! 5 lane traffic..(one way)...stop lights, towns that run into each other...the first couple of days...were getting used to it all...by the end of the week...was much better acclaimated to some of it!

We rented a house (had checked in out on the website VRBO-Vacation Rentals by Owner)....was very nice...chose the San Tan Valley area, as several from Albion, Newman Grove, Petersburg, etc. have homes there... San Tan Valley, also known as Queens Creek---Johnson Ranch---etc...was very nice...a newer community with LOTS of people who want to escape colder weather! We had 3 orange trees in our back yard (full of oranges..enjoyed them every day)...and a heated pool...however since it was cooler there, and we were busy busy...by the time we got back at nights it was too cool (for me anyway) to go swimming!

We were from one end of the state to the other...in ONE week! Some of the attractions we saw were Tortilla Flats, Goldfield Mine Town, Mesa Grande Ruins, Olive Mill, we took a 1 day bus trip to the Grand Canyon....simply amazing....!! Such a beautiful site....it snowed that day, and it was slick at times, but, the fog lifted and we were able to view the canyons..Our tour guide was the best! Had so much history to tell us..and..it is amazing how at the Canyons it was 32, and back at Mesa/Phoenix it was 65....such a change in climate!

We also motored to Nogales, MX....now...my sister and her husband go to San Padres every year and tell us how fun to go into Mexico and see all the trading going on...but..I have to tell you..this "country girl" didn't feel so safe when on one corner we saw an army tank with men and machine guns...so...we didn't stay long!! haha....THANKFUl when on US soil!!!

Went to a BIG Swap meet one day...each stretch was 1/4 mile long with vendors, and there were FOUR stretches..Boy, if you couldn't find what you were looking for.....I wished we had driven so I could have brought home LOTS of stuff!!! Yah right!!! And I have a storage room in the basement to clean....!!! haha

So what for the rest of this week!!! Bookwork today, start..yes..START to attack the basement storage room tomorrow, volunteer to "office sit" at the Church on Thursday, Friday?? and athen it's already the weekend...and most of January is over...

Hoping all of you are doing well...it is fun to see that I am still getting people who "like" our site...(even though)!! Hoping you are checking out what the menus are at the restaurant with the Clevelands....Take care.......Love to all..........Julie


Whoa....forgot to mention on Sunday, Jan 3 we had Christmas with our kids and grandkids....one of them asked why I didn't post it on my FB Page....sorry...

New Years Eve after we finished at the store, we went out for supper with Cynthia....had a nice time...got home with every intention that I would watch the "ball drop"...haha...that didn't happen!! Oh well, the new year came in without me..

New Years Day we spent at Angie & Clints....ate, tied some blankets, ate, watched some football, ate, ...now I know why we all want to lose weight in the New Year....

Sat. Chuck & I finished some "stocking stuffers" for our Sunday Christmas....

Sunday morning, we went to church, then kids came for our Christmas...had a great time...nice day...

Still have some candy, popcorn, etc. sitting around...will have another supper this Thursday night, then...IT IS ALL going to school with Chuck....temptation gone!!

This Saturday, the girls from work and I are going shopping, and then we will all meet at 3 and Out in Newman Grove for supper.. Paula, Barb, Angie, Clint, Patty, Pat & Hannah will join us... Will be another great day!

Sorry to "Blurb on".....have a great week....Happy 2016..



Wednesday.....January 6....in the office doing bookwork!! Thought about writing a "Sunday night blurb" like I always do....but... decided to give it a couple of days!!

Last week was another truly amazing week!! We were busy ..had catering, and food going out...then, on Thursday...it was my final day! Had a great time visiting with all the "morning people"...just a great time...then...for lunch...our $3.00 speical...last meal...we had a HUGE crowd! Wanted to do something fun....was so great to hug so many people ... again... and share stories, memories, etc.

Received beautiful flowers, plants, and corsage also...THANKS.. was such a great day!! Family, Friends, Customers...it just doesn't get any better than that!!

That afternoon after signing papers at the lawyers office, Chuck, Pat, Hannah and myself did inventory....then...the last step of mine as Julie's Catering was to hand over the keys!! And.. wish the Clevelands well....and....to take care of "my baby"....10 years.. I still feel like "im on vacation...and will need to get back to work soon"... haha

But...then...reality sets in, and in my mounds of paperwork, phone calls to close accounts, etc...I realize that another chapter in my life has closed, and another about to begin.... Many of you have asked what I am going to do... Well, as I said, a couple of weeks are devoted to catching up in the office....then...I'm going to take January and "tackle" closets, organize my storage room (again), and REALLY sort through boxes, etc.... Look out Goodwill truck.. here I come...

THANK YOU so much for all your cards, well wishes, and hugs! Although I might not see you often, you are in my heart daily!

Happy 2016 to all...............



THANK YOU for a great 10 years...Today, is my last day of officially being Julie's Catering 'n More!!

THANK YOU for the hugs, the kind words, the gifts, flowers, the well wishes, and yes, the tears this week..... As I told someone yesterday, my face is half happy, half sad....Happy because of all the memories, sad, because I will miss seeing so many of you on a daily basis!

You have become more like FAMILY than customers....many of you have reassured me that our paths will cross in different ways now!!

To my supportive husband Chuck....THANK YOU....for your support, help, and for always being there for me...To my kids and grandkids...THANK YOU...for YOUR help, support and love...and.. for helping me pick out the name 10 years ago...to my extended family of sisters, brothers, families, my cousin Cynthia for always being there by my side...THANK YOU....your love has meant alot..

To my customers and to the many people we catered events for.. THANK YOU....It is amazing how many times we meet someone on the street and they say HI....sometimes it takes us a while to figure out who you were...maybe you were a guest at one of our events...but...we knew by your smile....you were important to us..

It has been reassuring to talk with Gina and Carolyn, who were both past business owners and have now sold their businesses, that the feelings we are having are normal...so...thank you for the "pep talk"....I needed that!!

So tonight, when I put that key in the door one last time, please know that even though I may not physically be there next week, I am there in spirit with all of you! We wish Pat, Hannah and their family the best...may they say 10 years down the road...what we have said the past years...
God bless all of you, may you have a Happy New Year!!

Love and hugs.......Julie


MY LAST BLURB....as Julie's Catering..!! We went to the store after church today as we usually do...had breakfast...then I said, "Chuck, do you realize this is our last Sunday here"...asked him how that made him feel...and...he said..."Don't think it will sink in until next week"...that's kinda how I feel...10 years!! BLESSED..We've had great staff, great customers, wonderful family support...BLESSED...

THANK YOU...I am humbled and appreciative of all the kind words and gifts we've received the past few weeks!! I am going to truly MISS ALL OF YOU....I wonder what it will feel like next Monday when I wake up...and....no where to go!! I have not had this feeling for many more than 10 years!! I've always been employed! I am a "people person", so I know I'll be out there looking for a job. in the meantime, Hannah tells me I'm on "speed dial" if they need me! And we have lots of events in 2016 that I booked, and I will be at, just to show my gratitude to those people!

We started with an empty building, gave it lots of love over the years...and...our DREAM has been fulfilled...there are many new friends to make, many more events to cater, many more memories to have....I could not have done this without the help of so many....we are like "spokes" on a wheel...when someone or something is missing...it just kinda goes..kerplunk, ... We are excited to be exiting our business on a "high"...I feel like the "little ole ant" who had "high hopes"...and...all those expectations and more were met...

NO menus to write....NO Sunday night FB....I will always have a place in my heart for all of you who left comments, or likes, on our page....it has been over whelming....just like our party we hosted in November....over 400 people...wow!!

It was a busy week last week with lots of Christmas parties still going on, and food going out for Christmas...Christmas eve we wenet to church and then to my cousin Cynthia's for soup! on Christmas Day, I had the Haas clan in for a day of fun, laughter and socialization! Saturday and Sunday, Chuck and I did our Christmas shopping, as we will celebrate with our kids and grandkids on Jan. 3.....

May you please know how thankful I am for each and every one of you...I wish all of you God's blessings in the New Year! I wish you peace, love and joy with your families....I THANK all of you from the bottom of my heart...actually....WE THANK YOU...Chuck, myself and my family!! May our paths cross many times over the coming years!!

We THANK and WISH Hannah & Pat the best of luck in their new career....Please stop in and see them...they are excited to be here for you, and carry on the same tradition we started 10 years ago!

This week.....final menus... from Julie....and some of your favorites..
Monday..Chicken & Noodles, Hot Beef, Bowl of Creamy Potato Soup
Tuesday...PRIME RIB...Yummy!
Hot Beef, or Chicken, Egg or Ham Salad Croissant
Wednesday..Chicken Fried Steak, Hot Beef, GRILLED REUBENS
Thursday...Julies' FINAL DAY....$3.00 Lunch
Who knows what it will be...but...it's be might fine...

Friday...HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL...and...to all....a loving Farewell! ..........

Julie and Chuck!

If you see these elves and santa walking around at Julies catering today mention you saw it on Facebook and you can have...

If you see these elves and santa walking around at Julies catering today mention you saw it on Facebook and you can have a free dessert


It's hard to believe I have 14 days left as the "Chief cook and bottle washer" at my restaurant! These past few weeks have been a blur as we have been so busy catering...I am thankful we did not have our family Christmas this weekend as scheduled...I would NOT have been ready...Thanks to my kids for letting me reschedule till Jan. 3...Yes..after the fact, but that is when everyone can come...

HOLIDAY POPCORN...last chance!!
Pick yours up while they last!!

I almost know how Santa feels this time of year..the hustle and bustle has definitely kept myself and all the little Elves here at the store quite busy with catering, catering, ..did I mention catering as well as being busy in house!! We are so THANKFUL for all of you..Each week I mention who or where we've been..but this week, we were so many places, for fear of leaving someone out, we will just say..we had at least 2 - 3 cars on the road going somewhere every day..We said goodbye to a dear friend and customer Nick Linnerson who passed away this past week.. we did serve his funeral luncheon..God's way of saying ..Julie..this is another calling in your life...Our prayers to the family...

There were a couple things I had on my "bucket list" to get done before I put the key in the door one last time..since I had a cooler compressor go "kaput"..and it had to be replaced a few days ago, while the repair man was here, I had him go through all the coolers. Good job done...Check!! Then I wanted to get the floors scrubbed and waxed to a SHINE in the kitchen..with the help of the employees getting things out on Friday and back on Sunday morning...Check!! Looks fantastic! Not the 3rd thing to do is "clean the oven.." anyone wanna help! These are all jobs we do in the summer when we are closed..guess now push is coming to shove!

We did enjoy having Hunter Sat. night..Patty wanted to go shopping, and he loves to help "cater"..."I help you gramma".. and help he is!! He is such a trooper about getting up on Sun. a.m. to go to early church with us...I think it is the reward of bacon, sausage, eggs and hashbrowns that he is more than ready to go! And..I let him "crack" the eggs!! Instead of "over easy"..we had "scrambled"....just as good...right!! Chuck had his school Christmas party Sat. night--was good to be with friends..Hunter had a blast...course he was the "center of attention"..

This week we celebrate the birth of our dear Jesus...May we all truly remember the "reason for the season"...we will go to Church Christmas Eve...then I am extending an "open invitation" to the family to come have Christmas Dinner with us! Just like when we used to go to my parents! Will be so good to have family together!

As I wind down, and IF..haha..IF...I am pretty emotional these next two weeks...don't think anything of it...it is just that I am going to miss all of you immensely! I know that God has a plan for me, and it will be ok! I have been so BLESSED and I thank each and everyone of you for the continued HUGS, well wishes, and kind words!

Merry Christmas to all of you!!!
Julie & (Chuck too)

Monday..Glazed Ham Slice w/Sweet Potatoes, hot Beef, Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich

Tuesday..Oven Fried Chicken....Next Tuesday..PRIME RIB
ONE LAST TIME....Yummy......

Wed...French Dip w/AuJus, Baby Baker Potatoes, Hot Beef, Fajita Chicken Chef Salad

Thursday...Christmas Eve.... CLOSED
Friday...Christmas Day...Closed so our Employees may continue to enjoy the Holiday with their families and friends...

God's Blessings to all!


HOLIDAY POPCORN IS HERE...and...going fast...there won't be time for us to get more...so...STOP IN TODAY!!
It was an extremely busy week...catered for Lindsay, The Hospital Christmas Party, A Football Championship meal for Scotus School in Columubs, Greenline Equip. ..Mid NE Lutheran Home in Newman Grove, The United Methodist Women, lots of food going out...Valero...oh my...did we get them all??

Our last "rodeo" ...or our last big catering job for the Hospital on Sat. night (as Paula called it) was followed by lots of tears! Paula and Barb (sisters...who have helped us cater many events...and..do a TERRIFIC job)...gave us an Angel that had the words on it..."You are always in my heart"...oh my...these last couple of weeks are going to be filled with lots of tears...Today, Monday..I emptied Rhoda (the white catering van)..and so named cuz she was always on the "roada again"....out of the cambros, chafing pans, lids, etc...I always laughed (and you will laugh "at" me) when I tell you...that.."Rhoda" was so excited to get to go catering!! She knew that when she was taken to Albion...that little "Moma J" car wasn't big enough to get the job done! Now most of you are probably thinking...oh my!! But..when it came time to load for the big jobs, or when we were double booked on a weekend.. all I had to say was put it in "Rhoda" or "Moma J"...and..everyone knew what I was talking about....I could go on to say.."Rhoda" didn't quite understand what was happening to her today...!! You are probably thinking....Julie girl....you have definitely lost it this time....More tears......

This week we continue to have lots of catering...Monday..to Source Gas, Petersburg Legion group, then to the Wolf Home, Sentinel, Valero, and will try to get to a Christmas Program Tuesday night, and another on Thursday night...Whew!! Busy time of the year.. but so thankful weather has co operated for most of our travels..

PLEASE JOIN US ON FRIDAY...Dec. 18th for our annual Christmas Dinner..we'll be serving Windsor Loins with all the trimmings...and...yes....I THINK I will be serving our famous PRIME RIB one last time on Tuesday, Dec. 29th!!! Be watching for the "word"...

This week....Monday..Meatloaf, hot Beef, Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Wrap

Tues...Oven Fried Chicken, Hot Beef, Beef and Cheddar on Bun

Wed...Meatballs in Stroganoff Sauce over Mashed Potatoes, Hot Beef, or Bowl of Chicken Rice Soup

Thursday...Smoked Beef Brisket, Hot Beef, or Cowboy Burger with Chips and Lettuce Salad

Friday...CHRISTMAS DINNER.....Windsor Loin...Cheesecake $1.50....with your meal.....Hot Beef, or Chicken Salad Croissant

Have a great week.....Think about the days when you were growing up...what was your favorite Christmas Cookie? Your favorite Christmas song??? Is it still your favorite today!!

Love to all.............Julie


100 S 4th St
Albion, NE


(402) 395-6334


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