The Makaha of Acton MA

The Makaha of Acton MA The "Cheers" of Acton!


Miss my Muk Gang big time during Holidays Season!



After consulting with the appropriate legal and town members, WE WILL NO LONGER BE OFFERING AN OPEN BAR at Sunday’s Closing Party. Beverages will be available for purchase.

Good news - there will still be plenty of appetizers for everyone to munch on! Hope to see you all on Sunday!


Who can name the last two songs played on the jukebox?


Makaha WON !!


Just finished watching the Town Meeting on the "Not Your Average Joe"s liquor hearing on Acton TV, and the first thing that came to my mind is ' DISCRIMINATION ', if not, it's the town corrupt politics!

Lessons from the Makaha |

Realize unjustly made a decision against MAKAHA, didn't even promptly fix their mistake, SAD SAD SAD! Thanks for all the support and caring from people every where, especially the residents of Acton, and the man I never met, Allen from Acton Forum.

The Makaha is a Chinese restaurant on Great Road and has been operating in Acton for 43 years. On January 12, 2015, the Acton Board of Selectmen (BoS) voted to revoke the Makaha's liquor license because of an incident that occurred this past November, as well as two or three incidents prior to that…


Our famous MAKAHA Mai Tai will be ready today for everyone !!!


For the past 3 weeks, it cost me a lot of money for the legal fee, a big loss on the revenue, a lot of sleepless night, can't afford to keep some employees whom with me for a long period of times.However, I gain a lot of new friends, good old friends, friends I haven't met yet! The supports and the caring you peoples gave me, I will never forget! Can't wait to see those happy faces again that make me enjoying my job in the past 19 years. Thank you, my true friend !!


Board of Selectmen meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night, Thursday, February 5 at the Acton Town Hall. Thanks for all the supports, fighting for what is RIGHT !!! Hope to see you there !!


On behalf of Raymond, the Makaha staff and the Makaha patrons, I am trying to initiate a petition to the town of Acton Board of Selectmen. Thus far, I have a petition title, whom I/we want to petition and a few samples of why I/we are asking people to show their support by signing the petition .....



We The Pople demand that the Acton Board of Selectmen reverse their decision to revoke the liquor license of Makaha, Inc. located at 255 Great Road; Acton, MA. 01720.

Whom do we want to petition?

Acton Board of Selectmen

Why should people sign? (Examples)

All of the facts pertaining to the town's decision to revoke the Makaha's liquor license were not heard or considered.

Has been in business 43 years!

Why should the Makaha's staff and patrons be punished for the unfortunate behavior of a single individual?


Any and all input would be appreciated. I intend to have the petition ready to be signed by all comers at the Makaha by noon tomorrow, Wednesday Jan 21. In addition, I will have extra copies of the petition available for anyone who wishes to gather signatures on their own. Raymond plans to present the petition to the town on Monday, Jan 26; thus we ask that all signed petitions are submitted to the Makaha by this Saturday's close of business.

Thank you for your support!


On this MLK day, Makaha is against Acton RACISM !!!


Hard to hold my tear when I got such a great support from the Muk gangs yesterday. Thank you the Muk gangs for giving me the past 18 years of my life. Making me laugh, angry and sometime totally crazy and weird, but a lot of time, you guys pushing me to be a better version of myself. Love all you guys, MY FRIENDS !!!


A man got shut-off after 2 drinks, Makaha called a cab for him, making sure he is not driving. Cab driver arrived, the man refused to go with him, also acted like a wise guy. Makaha had no choice, called Acton Police for HELP. The Acton Police came to place him into protective custody. The Police Chief accused Makaha for over-serving, town hearing verdict.. LIQUOR LICENSE GOT REVOKED. Is it fair justice or some hidden agenda on behalf of the town?

P.S. sufficient proof for the case and I am a CHINESE AMERICAN.


When the town officials don't like your nature ( Asian ) business, it's hard to run! Racist !!!


Hello to all the "Makahaians" out there! First and foremost, I would like to personally thank all that have liked the Makaha FB page! I am a patron, chairman, president and techie for the Makaha (The Cheers of Acton) aka The Office and/or The HABU Lounge :-) I am continuously trying to get the ownership of the Muk to reply to your various requests! In particular the Oregon request for a special recipe! (Your request will be fulfilled shortly .... Patience is a virtue :-)

Regards to all .... Hope to see you more frequently at the Muk! Cheers!


Updated menu prices can be viewed at

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Our fan of the week is... Christine Fournier Kopec! Congratulations. Want to be our next fan of the week? Click below to apply.

The "Cheers" of Acton!

The Makaha of Acton MA's cover photo

The Makaha of Acton MA's cover photo


The worst five days are behind us, can't wait to see those happy REGULAR faces...


We at the Makaha are sorry to report that as the result of an ABC sting in the fall of 2011 and subsequently a recent ruling by the ABC, the Makaha's liquor license has been suspended for five (5) days commencing this coming Wednesday, Jan 25, 2012 through Sunday, Jan 29, 2012. We will remain open serving our distinguished cuisine as usual. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

The Makaha Staff


KENO is here already!!! Enjoy the king of PuPu platter, the best of Mai Tai while winning easy money!!!


The Girl you just called fat? She has been starving herself & has lost over 30lbs. The Boy you just called stupid? Has a learning disability & studies over 4hrs a night. The Girl you just called ugly? She spends hours putting makeup on hoping people will like her. The Boy you just tripped? He is abused enough at home. There's a lot more to people than you think. Put this as your status if you're against bullying.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tex, Craig, and their family!!! We are all thinking of you and your family.


Hello folks. see the monkey climb the pole the farther he goes you see his ... Hold On! Doesn't ANYONE have something to say to contribute to "our" page? Fear not, you are amongst friends. Just ask (friend via FB) Hogqua Doi!!

A View From Above

A View From Above


Happy Holidays to one and all! We at the Makaha hope that everyone will extend this joyous and loving time throughout the New Year ... Peace!


We at the Makaha hope each and all had a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving. We are thankful for your patronage and look forward to serving you again!

As a functionality test of the Makaha FB page, please post something (anything) to our wall. Have pictures, comments or ...

As a functionality test of the Makaha FB page, please post something (anything) to our wall. Have pictures, comments or other .... Please post them! Thanks

Everyone, please pass the word! Invite as many people as you know who are Mak patrons so that we can setup this page (Th...

Everyone, please pass the word! Invite as many people as you know who are Mak patrons so that we can setup this page (The Mak FB Page) under it's own link ... we need at least 25 likes! Thanks

A Quick View

A Quick View


255 Great Rd
Acton, MA


(978) 263-3371


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We miss our favorite restaurant, the Makaha, and was wondering about future status. Is there still a chance you will reopen at a new location in the future?
The new addition to the “Great Wall of Memories” my Grampa took my brother and I there when we were young 1977-78 corner both round table lots of great memories there. Thanks for tonight 👍
Thanks, Makaha, for all the great memories. 😢💕
Happened to be in the area today, stopped in and saw some friends ! Good to see everyone!
Seeing a for lease sign out front of Makaha... saw a few cars on the left side. Are they closing??