The Stoned Garden

The Stoned Garden The Stoned Garden designs and creates unique, one of a kind planters and other garden related decor.


Happy Veterans Day! Thank you to everyone who does or has served our country to protect our freedoms! Thank you


The Stoned Garden would like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Easter.


Wishing everyone a Happy and safe Memorial Day! Thank you to all whom have served, have fallen and to all that currently serve our Country and keep our country and everyone safe. We appreciate all that you and your families sacrifice for us, our country and our freedom!


The Stoned Garden would like to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year! Thank you to all of our viewers for your support and for the "likes" you give us. We look forward to a New Year and many good things to come in the new year.


The Stoned Garden would like to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas!


So, about 4 days ago now my computer apparently decided it's going to be my boss and give me a break from it working and since my computer is just as stubborn and hard headed as I am. I'm not quite sure when it's going to decide to listen to me and work again like I want it to so i'll be on whenever ...Also, someone has locked me out of 1 of my emails so please do not send me any email to .. [email protected] If anyone does email me please only use the pm here or my gmail but remember my computer is not working at this time so there is no telling when i'll get the message. If you need to contact me, call ...

$9000 Dream Home - Imgur
$9000 Dream Home - Imgur

$9000 Dream Home - Imgur

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We have a few new planters to add, we'll charge the camera and get them taken and posted asap!


We will defiantly be making a double batch of planters this weekend. Hopefully by Wednesday March 5th they will be cured enough to take some pic's to post before going to the 2nd and final stage of curing. I'm excited we'll be getting back to making some new and unique planters this weekend!


I am looking forward to making a couple of batches of planters as soon as possible. I have a batch premixed and ready to add the water, blend and get creative however, I have another project for Divine Table Designs taking up most of my spare time at the moment. I will try to get some planters made as soon as possible. I will be posting some of my progress for Divine Table Designs project on the Divine Table Designs page and in the group.


I am currently working on a project every minute of spare time I can. I will reveal some of my progress as soon as I can. Due to the project i'm working on I am focusing as much time as possible to my project and less time online at this time.


Happy New Year 2014 to everyone! Throughout December I've had a batch of hypertufa prepped and ready to mix to make a double batch of planters however, being such a busy month with the holidays approaching and sick people to help tend to, I haven't had any time to complete this task. I'm anxious and hoping to get to it within the next couple days. I look forward to making some new and original planters to start the new year out with some new and cool pieces! Be sure to check back within a week to see the pic's I'll be posting with the new pieces for the new year!

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We have a 2nd seashell planter just as natural and rustic and unique as this one we'll get pic's of and post as soon as the camera charges up again!


2059 Roseland Rd
Aberdeen, NC


(910) 281-3636


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