Yoders Dutch Kitchen

Yoders Dutch Kitchen Our page will be updated with our menu, business hours, and pictures of our friendly service and lip-smacking food!

Operating as usual

Greenwood SC Chamber

Greenwood SC Chamber

We are so excited to celebrate 50 FABULOUS YEARS with Yoders Dutch Kitchen. Be sure to stop by on New Years Day for a traditional start to 2021! They will be serving all of the foods your Grandma used to make to bring money, luck, love, and happiness in the New Year!

Juanita Yoder

Juanita Yoder

Juanita Yoder

Juanita Yoder

Have you checked out our event space? Call us to reserve it for your next get together.

Have you checked out our event space? Call us to reserve it for your next get together.

Yoders Dutch Kitchen

Yoders Dutch Kitchen

We are open Thanksgiving Day!

We are open Thanksgiving Day!

We are open Thanksgiving Day!

Yoders Dutch Kitchen

Yoders Dutch Kitchen

Yoders is Now Introducing..Thurs Night Special....Fish and Chicken Boxes


Yoders is Now Introducing..Thurs Night Special....Fish and Chicken Boxes


Good Morning From Yoders...We Are Open Regular Hours Over The Holidays..Thurs-Sat 11-2:30 Fri & Sat 4;30-8


Happy Thanksgiving From Yoders


Hello From Yoders...Lunch Today...Fried Chicken,Baked Chicken,Fish,Livers,Pork Chops,Creamed Garlic Red Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Corn,Green Beans,Black Eye Peas,Cabbage,Fried Okra,Pineapple Cass,Mac N Cheese,Broc Cass.....Perfect Love Casteth Out Fear...


Good Morning From Yoders..Lunch Today..Pork Chops,Baked Chicken,Fish,Livers,Fried Chicken,Mac N Cheese,Broc Cass,Stewed Tomatoes,Fresh Baby Carrots,Baby Limas,Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Green Beans,Corn,Cabbage,.....He Careth For You!


Good Morning From Yoders.....Menu For Lunch...Country Fried Steak and Gravy,Fried Chicken,Fish,Livers,BBQ Chicken, Mac N Cheese,Mashed Potatoes,Corn,Rice and Gravy,Harvard Beets,Baby Limas,Green Beans,Stewed Tomatoes,Fried Okra,Broc Cass....


He Sent His Word And Healed Them And Delivered Them From Their Destructions...


Gfood Morning Facebook Friends...Menu For Yoders...Baked Chicken,Fried Chicken,Livers,Stuuffed Peppers,Fish,Mac N Cheese,Corn,Green Beans,Cabbage,Pineapple Cass,Broc Cass,Lima Beans,Fresh Baby Carrots,Mashed Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Saloads..Watermellon,Cucumber and Tomatoe Vineagertte... But Thou O Lord, Art A Shield For Me A Shield And The Lifter Of My Head...


Good Morning From Yoders..On This Beautiful Saturday....Menu...Broasted Chicken,Stuffed Peppers,Heavenly Ham,Fish,Livers,Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Creamed Corn,Broc Cass,Mac N Cheese,Black Eye Peas,Pineapple Cass,Green Beans,Cabbage Cass... Salads,Watermellon Etc....Be Still And Know That I Am God..


Good Evening.. All You Can Eat Bar...Broasted Chicken,Livers,Pork Steak and Gravy,Shrimp,Fish,BBQ Chicken,Apple Fritters,Green Beans,Mac N Cheese,Creamed Corn,Mashed Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Broc Cass,Onion Rings,Cabbage Cass,Pineapple Cass.....Come See Us At Yoders...


Hell Facebook....This Is The Day The Lord Hath Made, May We Rejoice And Be Glad In It....Menu..Broasted Chicken,BBQ Chicken,Fish,Country Fried Steak and Gravy,Livers,Broc Cass,Mac N Cheese,Turnip Greens,Lima Beans,Green Beans,Mashed Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Pineapple Cass,Cabbage Cass,Corn,.......


Hello From Yoders....Menu For Lunch Today...Fried Chicken,Baked Chicken,Sausage and Krout,Fish,Livers,Mac N Cheese,Mashed Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Corn,Green Beans,Pineapple Cass,Stewed Tomatoes,Black Eye Peas,Cabbage,Broc Cass....Make A Joyful Noise Unto The Lord,All Ye Lands...


Come Join Us For Our All You Can Eat Bar...11.50...Menu..Broasted Chicken,Fried Fish and Shrimp,Pork Chops,Meat Balls in White Gray Sauce,Livers,Green Beans,Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Creamed Corn,Turnip Greens,Stewed Tomatoes,Broc Cass,Mac N Cheese,Black Eye Peas,Onion Rings,Apple Fritters...Pies and Drinks Extra.....


Yoders Menu For Lunch....Fried Chicken,Fish,Sausage and Krout,Meatballs and Gravy, Livers,Mashed Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Mac N Cheese,Broc Cass,Green Beans,Turnip Greens,Black Eye Peas,Corn,Vegetable Cass,Stewed Tomatoes...Jesus Is Thinking Of You Today...


Good Morning...Lunch Menu For Today...Broasted Chicken,Fish,BBQ Chicken,Country Fried Steak,Livers,Corn,Green Beans,Turnip Greens,Limas,Red Potatoes in Creme Sauce,Broc Cass,Mac N Cheese,Stewed Tomatoes,Vegetable Cass,Rice and Gravy...Though Your Sins Be A Scarlet They Shall Be As White As Snow....


Good Evening...Come Join Us This Evening For All You Can Eat Bar...Broasted Chicken,Fried Shrimp and Fish,Pork Chops,Salmon Patties, Livers,Heavenly Ham,Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Corn,Pineapple Cass,Vegetable Cass,Green Beans,Mac N cheese,Broc bCass,Apple Fritters,Onion Rings....


Good Morning..Menu From Yoders...Broasted Chicken,Livers,Country Fried Steak and Gravy,Pork Chops,Fish,Salmon Patties,Broc Cass,Mac N Cheese,Green Beans,Corn,Turnip Greens,Vegetable Cass,Pineapple Cass,Black Eye Peas,Limas,Potatoes,Rice and Gravy...Blessed Are They That Mourn For They Shall Be Comforted...


Good Evening From Yoders....All U Can Eat Bar.....Broasted Chicken,Fried Fish and Shrimp,Livers,Country Fried Steak and Gravy,Ham,Black Eye Peas,Mac N Cheese,Broc Cass,Pineapple Cass,Mashed Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Green Beans,Onion Rings,Apple Fritters....Salads...Watermellon....


Good Morning From Yoders.....Menu...Broasted Chicken,Country Fried Steak and Gravy,Fish,Livers,Salmon Patties,Mac N Cheese,Pineapple Cass,Green Beans,Black Eye Peas,Corn,Broc Cass,Stewed Tomatoes,Turnip Greens,Mashed Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,....Praise Him From Whom All Blessings Flow....Come and Eat With Us Today...


Good Evening...Menu For Dinner...Broasted Chicken,Livers,BBQ Chicken,Fish,Shrimp,Pork Chops,Corn,Mac N Cheese,Cabbage Cass,Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Black Eye Peas,Onion Rings,Apple Fritters,Broc Cass,Green Beans,Salad,Watermellon...Homemade rolls and Corn Bread.....


good Morning Menu Today....Broasted Chicken,Fish,Country Fried Steak,BBQ Chicken,Livers,Corn,Mac N Cheese,Black Eye Peas,Green Beans,Broc Cass,Pineapple Cass,Cabbage Cass,Mashed Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Turnip Greens.....If God Be For Us Who Can Be Against Us...


Good Morning..Yoders Menu....Country Fried Steak and Gravy,Broasted Chicken,Livers,Fish,Baked Chicken,Cabbage Cass,Pineapple Cass,Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Limas w Carrots,Green Beans,Stewed Tomatoes,Corn,Mac N Cheese,Broc Cass......Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself....


Good Evening From Yoders....Menu...Broasted Chicken,Livers,Fried Shrimp and Fish,salmon Patties,Sausage and Krout,Broic Cass,Mac N Cheese,Sweet Potatoes w Cinnamon,corn,Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Green Beans,apple Fritters,Onion Rings...Love The Lord Thy God With All Thy Heart And Mind and Thy Neighbor As Thyself....


Good Evening....All U Can Eat....Broasted Chicken,Fried Fish and Shrimp,Country Fried Steak and Gravy,Sausage and Krout,Mac N Cheese,Broc Cass,Pineapple Cass,Creamed Corn,Green Beans,Onion Rings,Apple Fritters,Black Eye Peas,Mashed Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Salads,Breads....Trust In The Lord With All Thine Heart and Lean Not to Thine Own Understanding....


809 E Greenwood St
Abbeville, SC

Opening Hours

Wednesday 11:00 - 14:30
Thursday 11:00 - 14:30
Friday 16:30 - 20:00
Friday 11:00 - 14:30
Saturday 11:00 - 14:30


(864) 366-5556


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I hate to hear the closing of this restaurant. Well wishes sent to all of you who have served the community for 50 years
To Yoder's, with love ❤️ Team Carter Family Team Carter Explores: Yoder's Dutch Kitchen & Abbeville SC
What is the operating schedule for the week of Christmas?
Join Yoders this Thanksgiving for LUNCH.
Come Join Us For Thanksgiving Buffet..11-3.All U Can Eat..14.98..includes Drink...Dessrts Are Extra..Turkey & Dressing,Ham and More and All The Trimmings..May We Not Forget Our Lord Who Daily Provides Us With His Benefits...
Tired of eating in your car or take out. Come SIT and RELAX and enjoy a home cooked meal. DELICIOUS FOOD and ATMOSPHERE.
Yoder's Dutch Kitchen--I was cleaning out my mom's old recipe box and found this. Would you like it?
Do you have a online menu?
Yoders Dutch Kitchen....Open Lunch Thurs-Sat 11:00-2;30,Dinner 4:30-8..In Everything Give Thanks
Happy Valentines Day From Yoders....We Will Also Be Open Toni8ght At 6:00,In Addition To Lunch Today..Come Bring Your Sweetheart...
Thank You Chamber Of Commerce For Having Chosen Yoders Dutch Kitchen....Business Of The Month...
Good Morning From Yoders..Lunch Menu....Broasted Chicken,Livers,Pork Chops,BBQ Chicken,Fish,Mac N Cheese,Broc Cass,Limas,Potatoes,Rice and Gravy,Cabbage Cass,Pineapple Cass,Corn,Green Beans,Turnip Greens....This Is The Day The Lord Hath Made Let Us Rejoice and Be Glad In It..