Aurora Gardens Virtual Market

Aurora Gardens Virtual Market Fresh fruits and veggies now available! We also sell rice, frozen food items and non-food items at affordable prices. No need to leave your homes, we can deliver right to your doorstep.

Operating as usual


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Organic Calamansi Juice (Sweetened & Unsweetened) 1 Liter

Old price- Php 170 per bottle
PROMO PRICE - Php 140 per bottle

Hurry! Limited stocks left!!!


Clearance Sale Today!!! See our updated pricelist (to be posted)


Another yummy baked goodies from Ate Jocelyn Galvez! favorite!!!

You can order from her- 09171787135. U will surely be addicted to all her baked goodies!😉

She is from Aurora Gardens Tower 1 also.


We are a home-based seller located in San Juan City. We sell fresh fruits, vegetables, frozen food items and other daily essentials. We deliver within Metro Manila.

Just text us at (0966) 203 3972 or PM us for inquiries or orders.

Aurora Gardens Virtual Market

Aurora Gardens Virtual Market


We are closed on Sunday & Monday. We will be open for pick up/delivery on Tuesday, May 19 2020. You can still text or PM ur orders. Thank you!


Watermelon on Sale
Php 170 only!!!


May 8, 2020 Pricelist:


Class A Menzi Suha - Php 120/pc (small)

RipeMango Davao(big)
Php 180/4pcs (1.2kilos)

Melon (medium)- Php 140/each
Watermelon Small (red inside)- Php 200
Watermelon Big (red inside)-Php 240
Watermelon Extra Big(red inside)-Php 270
Watermelon Stripes Big - Php 270
Lemon- Php60/pack(2pcs)

Fuji Apple (medium) - Php 35/pc
Australian Seedless Grapes- P180/(500g)
Honeydew (small) - Php80
Guyabano- Php 120/each (1.25kls)
Bayabas (Big) - Php 55/each

Papaya Solo- Php 55(med)
Papaya Red Lady- Php 100 (big)
Papaya Red Lady- Php 70(med)

Banana Lakatan- Php 200(big)
Banana Saba- Php 12/pc

Php 50/pack (3-4 pcs)/med to big sizes
Yellow Corn (big) - Php100/4pcs

Peanut (hilaw) - Php 60/3 cups

Cococnut Cream - Php 42/pack
Knorr Sinigang Miso Mix- Php20/pk
Knorr Sinigang Original Mix- Php 20/pk

Monggo- Php 24/pack
Lumpia Wrapper -Php 20/set (10 sheets)

Itlog na P**a - Php 18/pc
Fresh Eggs- Php 9/pc (med)
Quail Eggs - Php 10/4 pcs

Misua- Php 12/pack
Vermicelli small- Php 20/pack
Brown Sugar half kilo- Php 40/pack
Flour (1kilo) - Php 50
Baking soda (125g) - Php 20
Crispy Fry Original - Php 22
Crispy Fry Garlic - Php 22
Crispy Fry for Fish (small)-Php12
Rock salt (250g) - Php12

Special Excellent Bihon(454g)- Php75
Golden Silk Canton (110g)small- Php 25

Pure Honey 250ml-Php150/small bottle
350 ml- Php220/med bottle

Romaine Lettuce - Php55/bundle (big)
Kangkong- Php 20/bundle
Malunggay Leaves - Php 20/bundle

Pechay - Php 20/bundle
Pechay Baguio- Php 60/bundle

Mustasa- Php 20/bundle
Cabbage/ Repolyo - Php 110 (whole)
- Php 55(half)
Togue- Php 25/pack

Fresh Tomatoes- Php 25/pk (4-5 pcs)
Baby Corn - Php 20/ pack
Sili (green) - Php 10/pack (7-9pcs)
Sili (labuyo)- Php 10/pack

Calamansi - Php 15/pack (12-14pcs)-OFS
Chicharo- Php 30/pack
Baguio Beans- Php 25/pack
Cauliflower- Php 90/pc (med)
Broccoli- Php 110/pc (big)-OFS
Carrots(med) - Php 40/pack (2 pcs)
Cucumber- Php 35/pc (big)

Okra - Php 15/pack (7-10pcs)
String beans/Sitaw - Php 20/bundle
Eggplant/Talong - Php 30/bundle (3-4pcs)
Ampalaya- Php 50 (big)
Raddish/Labanos- Php 25/pc (med)

Upo- Php 50 (small size) - 1 whole
Patola (Linis)- Php 30/pc
Sigarilyas- Php 20/bundle
Puso ng Saging- Php 40/pc-Out of stock

Kamote (red) - Php 50/pack(4pcs)

Potatoes (3 to 5 pcs)
Php75/pk (med to big sizes)

Ginger/Luya- Php 30/pack
Sayote - Php 30/ each (med)

Red Onion- Php 10/piece (med)
White Onion - Php 13/pc (med)
Garlic- Php 12/pc ( big)

RedBell Pepper- Php25/pack(2 med pcs)

Squash/Kalabasa - Php20/slice
RICE FOR SALE!!! ( Packed in 5 kilos)

Sinandomeng- Php 295/5 kilos
Dinorado- Php 315/5kilos
Jasmine- Php 330/5kilos
Kukoyo Rice - Php 340/5kls(best seller)
Rice Malagkit- Php 85/ 1 kilo

Salmon Strip 500g - Php 170/pack(OFS)
Cream Dory Fillet 1kilo - Php 180/pack
Sweet Chicken Longanisa- Php 150

Pangasinan Daing Bangus (3pcs)
Php 260

Monterey BBQ Tenderloin Pork (8 sticks)
Php 175

Monterey Pescado Tinapa Bangus(3 pcs)
Php 300

Monterey Embutido - Php 135

Dishwashing Liquid Soap 1liter- Php 70
Fabric Conditioner 1 liter - Php 100
Surgical masks (packed by 5s)- Php 125
All 70% Isopropyl Solution Alcohol:

Green Cross (250ml)-Php 90
Guardian 500ml-Phpk100
Guardian with Moisturizer 500ml- Php100

1 Gallon ClinsUp Alcohol w/ moisturizer
Php 650
UVC Devices for Disinfecting & Sterilizing:

Safe for Humans & Pets, Eliminates lingering viruses from your houses and things

UVC Sterilizing Bag - Php 3,700
UVC Lamp with remote & timer- Php4,000

Note: Pre Order for sterilizing devices


Aurora Boulevard




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