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(PHP 2,900)

* Android Jellybean
* Single Sim
* Singlecore
* 1gb Internal

Avail. Colors :
White & Black


Meet Ups ( Baguio Only )
Ship through LBC ;)


1. What is the difference between China and Korean Made Smart Phone?
answer : Well, it depends on what side, if you are talking about the quality, Korean made phones are way far than China Made phones.
Some Korean made phones are made in China or manufactured in China, however these are assembled in Korea. The quality control management of Korea is very high as china does.
In the nutshell, china made clone phones' OS are Java, while korean made phones' OS are Android.
When it comes to quality, Korean Made is a way better than China made.
2. Are Korean Made phones' performance do better than china made phones?
answer : Yes, they do better. You can check the phone by downloading the antutu benchmark, the higher the figure of your CPU performance, the better. Korean Made phones are more sensitive in-terms of touch. They are more likely original units.
3. Does the battery life of the Korean Phones are better than China Made phones?
answer : It depends on the MA of your battery, the higher the figure, the longer the battery life power is.
4. Why some games can't be opened such as Temple run 2, Candy Crash, and etc.
answer : There are games that are very heavy or in short High Definition Games, they can only be played if your Smart Phone is Rooted or had been Root Accessed. However, there are games that are not HD yet can't be played. The analysis there is that your unit has a problem and it is needed to be replaced. Moreover, there are games that can only be played if you have an internet access. Before you install it, check it first if it requires a full internet access or not.
Note : I will update this if I found something to help these kind of issues.
5. Why is it that the graphics of my smart phone is not functioning well, there are MOSQUITOES-LIKE that are moving on the Screen and it does open applications even I didn't navigate it.
answer : There is a problem on your Phone, it might have loosen its components that affects its graphics and user interface.
6. If your Smart Phone is not detecting any sim, then do this :
Way 1 : Whenever you insert your sim, you should turn it off first, then turn it on after inserting it.
Way 2 : Your phone might not a triband phone. In this case, you should tell your supplier or the seller to send it to the technician and set it to triband.
Well, this is not a big problem.
7. If you have a problem that is related to contacts or an 'android.process.acore', back up your contacts:
Step 1 : From the Home screen, press the Menu key.Step 2 :Touch Settings.Step 3 :Touch Accounts & sync.Step 4 :Turn off all synchronization to Google accounts and T-Mobile Contacts Backup.Step 5 :Return to the Home screen.Step 6 :Open the App menu.Step 7 :Touch Contacts or People.Step 8 :If there are any contacts listed, they are stored on your phone (because you turned off the ones synced). From the menu, export them to the SD card to save them.
8. If your iPhone 4s is having a problem regarding SMS " android.process.mms ", try this one :
Step 1 : Go to Settings > General > Launcher Settings > Restore Launcher Settings
Step 2 : Go to Settings > General > Date & Time > "Off" Automatic Time > Change Time Zone(Anywhere you want) > "On" Automatic Time
Step 3 : You are good to go
9. If you want to Clear the app cache and data:
Step 1: From the Home screen, press the Menu key.Step 2: Touch Settings.Step 3: Touch Applications.Step 4: Touch Manage Applications.Step 5: Touch All.Step 6: Select the application that is having issues.
Note: For the following errors:android.process.acore: Select Contacts Select Select Download Manager or Downloads. Make sure the Downloads Manager is Enabled. If it isn't, enable it before proceeding.TWlauncher process Select TWLauncher.
Step 8 : Touch Clear data and Clear cache if they are available. This resets the app as if it was new, and may delete personal data stored in the app.
10. Why does my iPhone 5 clone's Bluetooth is not functioning?
answer : iPhone 5 Clone is very sensitive, you need to pair with a unit that is compatible with the clone.
11. Why does my iPhone Clone's bluetooth feature is not functioning?
answer : Some iPhone 5/4s clones are not compatible with other Phones. Compatibility is one of the problems of Iphone Clones.
12. Why does my Korean Made Clone's Battery life is very low?
answer : There are phones that have powerful software or version for the hardware. That is normal for a clone phone as the hardware is not like the original and the average life of clone's batter if used is 8-10 hours, 4-6 hours(wifi mode).
13. What happened to my phone? why is there a certain lag after I press the On/OFF button twice?
answer : We shouldn't tap or press the ON/OFF button twice at it will lead to OS corruption or it may arise Lag. If it happened to your phone, just drain your phone until the power is depleted.
14. What is the difference between Premium Clones and Ordinary Clones.
Answer : Premium Clones' performance is better than ordinary clones. Premium Clones' physical aspect is closest to original and it has more Memory, the quality of the camery is increased, processor's performance is increased, increase in RAM, and HD screen.
Moreover, Premium Clones' chipsets are close to originals or there are chipsets on Premium clones that are original. So if the chipset of the clone comes from the original or close to original, the performance is good.


Terms and Warranty Agreement:
7 Days Replacement for any Factory Defect.
(Must be No Scratches, Physical damage, Burn, Cracks, LCD or Screen Damage.)

2 Month Free Service Repair Warranty on Product Supplier.(Parts are not Included)
.The Warranties on the product shall become void if the warranty seal or sticker is removed or broken.Software or any third party Accessories, Applications, Games, Whether free or paid are not included in the warranty
.Any Software and Accessories Compatibility are Customers Responsibility.

This warranty is effective from the date of purchase as agreed by the buyer.

* Paalala lang po Bawat Unit may COPY po kami 'PICTURE @ STICKER' Para Po Sa 'WARRANTY' (Wag pong Alisin ang STiCKER NA NAKAKABiT SA PHONES) 'CSK' po nakalagay. Pag naalis na po yun 'AUTOMATIC VOID PO ANG WARRANTY' . Dahil hindi na po tinatanggap sa warehouse yung walang sticker.

* Kapag 'LCD' po wala po sa warranty yun pero pwede niyo pong i-parepair samim once na Nabasag o Nabagsak yung phone pero maghihintay po kayo ng 2-3 Months , Dahil po Lahat ng Repair Pinapadala po namin mismo sa Pagawaan ( Sa KOREA mismo po ) Kaya ganon katagal .. Dahil iniipon ang mga unit bago I-ship sa mismong pagawaan.



Thankyou & Godbless


Aurora Hill
Baguio City





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