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BB Cafe-Restaurant-Hostel We are passionated to share OUR LOVE CAFE & FOOD. Now we had chance to serve VIETNAMESE CAFE & VIETNAMESE FOOD at 144 Kisad road, Bagauio city.

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TEST âm thanh "BIA" và "CAFE" tại 5717 Coffee
Đây là video do chủ quán dựng nên, các bạn đừng nên COPY và làm vì sẽ không có thức nhe! Chúc mọi người vui vẻ và hy vọng có cơ hội mọi người đến 5717 Coffee uống ly cafe.

How to make traditional Vietnamese Coffee


If anyone wants to know or learn something about Vietnam culture. One of the Vietnamese culture is all about coffee. Now show you the best way to make coffee...

Here are 5 reasons you should take coffee every day:1. An Awakening AromaThe coffee aroma is as much appreciated as is t...

Here are 5 reasons you should take coffee every day:

1. An Awakening Aroma
The coffee aroma is as much appreciated as is the taste. It may come as a surprise to some people that just the aroma of a cup of coffee can you wake you up. Scientists believe that the rich coffee smell can change the activity of protein and genes in the brain, and help against effects of sleep deprivation.

2. Healthy Liver

Coffee is often used to counter the effects of a hangover. Well, a cup a day can also prevent liver cirrhosis due to excess consumption of alcohol. Liver cirrhosis is an autoimmune disease and is 20% less likely to occur to people who consume 1 cup of coffee daily.

3. Prevent Alzheimer’s and Dementia
It had predicted by the Alzheimer’s Society that the moment of people suffering from the disease will rise to 1 million by 2025. However, even in general, people do worry about losing their memory. In a 2010 study, it was found that people who drank 3 to 5 cups of coffee a day had 65% less chance of developing Alzheimer’s and Dementia in their later life.

4. Get Smarter
Coffee does not only wake you up and get going for the day. It can actually make your brain function better and make you smarter. The active ingredient in coffee is caffeine, which is a stimulant that blocks the effects of adenosine in the body. It increases the neural firing in brains and releases dopamine and norepinephrine. Controlled trials have revealed that caffeine can enhance mood, reaction time, memory, cognitive function and vigilance.

5. Burn Fat
Caffeine is found to be part of many commercial fat burning supplements. Due to its stimulant effects, caffeine can increase metabolism and enhance the oxidation of fatty acids. Athletes who want to improve their performance can use caffeine as it mobilizes the fatty acids from the fat tissues. Caffeine has been found to increase exercise performance by 11% to 12% on average in 2 separate meta-analyses. You may want to complement your daily morning stretches with a cup of coffee to reduce excess fat.

Coffee definitely has many more health benefits that indicate that drinking coffee on a daily basis is god for you. However, we must always remember that excess of everything is bad. Drink healthy amounts to experience the health effects. Moreover, never start your day just with a cup of coffee on an empty stomach. Let come and try our Vietnamese coffee and style at BB King Deluxe --- CAFE.

Vietnamese iced coffee, also known as cà phê đá or cafe da (Vietnamese: cà phê đá, literally "ice coffee") is a traditio...

Vietnamese iced coffee, also known as cà phê đá or cafe da (Vietnamese: cà phê đá, literally "ice coffee") is a traditional Vietnamese coffee recipe. Already in Baguio city at 144 Kisad road.

Experience: Iced coffee with fresh milk

Experience: Iced coffee with fresh milk

Cafe Feeling

Cafe Feeling

Cafe Feeling

Cafe Feeling

BB Cafe-Restaurant-Hostel

BB Cafe-Restaurant-Hostel


144 Kisad Road
Baguio City

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BB King Deluxe

Hello world, BB Cafe is where you can really have and enjoy your break time with our special Vietnamese coffee and food. Fried Spring Roll, Fresh Spring Roll and Corn Spring Roll are some of the most well-known food in Vietnam and also in the world.

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